Does your home need a little decor love?

Whether you've just moved in and you're keen to start decorating, or you've had plans to redesign a room but just can't make a start, this is for you. 


Time and time again we flock to the ever-inspiring Pinterest to start designing what we think will be the home of our dreams...

...but shortly after, we either realise money doesn't grow on trees, or it's just hard to stick to one style when Pinterest offers us heaps

I've totally been there. 

It's hard to choose between scandi, mid century, modern or country when it all looks so damn good in magazines and online. The answer? 


Define your unique home decoration style. Not what magazines tell you.

In this FREE downloadable worksheet, you will tap into the home decoration look that really works for you. And the best part? You'll use the key concepts you come up with to design a home that is in tune with everyone you live with too. 

You ready? 


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Who am I? What is Kindred Living?

I'm Fifi McGee, an interior blogger and twice home renovator passionate about helping people design spaces that improve their lives. 

Kindred Living is my award-nominated interior blog, and behind the scenes I'm producing something special for us to hang out. An online Home Decoration Program, and The Kinship – a community of us warm hearted folk, happy to swap furniture and colour ideas so we can create soulful rooms that bring us closer to our loved ones. I'd love for you to be involved :)