11 stunning rugs for under £150!

Rugs can make a huge impact on a room. They can turn your decoration from lack-lustre to luxurious, and can create either a wild focal point, or soften up harsh flooring with gorgeous texture. 

They aren't just stylish either, rugs can be super practical.

If you have children, rugs provide a softer play section on a hard, wooden floor and runner rugs pick up dirt that would otherwise be brought all through the house.

In short, you need one! In every single room! But they sure don't come cheap.

Over the years I've been on a quest to source the best value, impactful rugs which complete (and in some cases transform) the look of rooms. 

Here are 15 of my favourite that come in under £150, all available to buy in the UK (and some overseas).

1. Sommer Azalea (120x170) £75, Flair Rugs

The perfect way to introduce some colour for the summer season, the Azalea rug champions watercolour florals in a high quality polyester pile for super soft touch. Gorgeous for a living room, playroom or office.

2. Safavieh Montauk (121x182) £97.84, Wayfair

This lime & cream canvas rug is something I have in my office. It comes in various lengths other than the runner pictured, and immediately adds colour and personality to any space. Great for a "quick fix" to brighten up an unloved office.

3. Multicolour Geometric Rug (80x150) £78.95, Kukoon

This is a fun and vibrant rug with really rich contrasting colours. Great for a modern living room or open plan space, the strength of the pattern helps to zone areas well.


4. Alpilla Cotton Rug (80x200) £63.90, Vallila [available in March 2017]

My favourite of the list. If you want to add colour to your room in a subtle way, this simple rug from Vallila's new collection is perfect. Light in colour makes it not the best choice for hallways, but it would work beautifully running along glass doors. Just make sure you have an outdoor mat and remove muddy boots before stepping in.

5. Safavieh Jade Multicolour Rug (121x170) £115.82, Wayfair

Wayfair are my go-to place for affordable rugs. They understand the distressed-but-still-new look and this rug from the Safavieh collection does this perfectly. Great for a dining area as the pattern covers any crumbs or spills.

6. Illusion Campri (120x170) £135, Flair Rugs

A green check produced in beautiful 100% wool for a unique lustre, this rug is ideal for adding to white/grey schemes where an injection of colour is needed. Green is the pantone colour of the year I hear! It's making a come back.

vallila 2.jpg

7. Portsa and Kauhava Cotton Rug in beige (80x200) £63.90, Vallila

If you're after something a little more simple and durable, these cotton rugs in beige work well in the kitchen or conservatory. This style of rug needn't be high maintenance as the odd stain here and there only adds to it's "loved" look.

8. Carnival Flame (120x170) £110, Flair Rugs

This rug is produced from 100% acrylic yarn and blends electric teal with flashes of ochre for a vibrant choice. This design is also available in rusty hues for a more subtle inclusion. I can't stop picturing it in a cool, retro living room with mid century furniture.

Cora+Rug (1).jpg

9. Safavieh Lavander Rug (121x180) £122.89, Wayfair

Not your usual colour combination here, very striking. If you want to bring a touch of luxury to a bedroom or guest room this is the rug for you. It would work beautifully with voille, sheer fabrics and cotton crisp white sheets for a Hotel in Morocco vibe.


10. Meraki rug (120x170) £119.95, Kukoon

Another bold, striking colour choice. These large print rugs are perfect for when you're feeling a bit lost for direction in decorating. Sometimes a statement rug like this one is where all the ideas begin...

11. Persian Medallion rug (137x200) £87.99, Wayfair

I couldn't not include my beloved persian rug I purchased for my first flat 2 years ago. It's a lot brighter red than it appears in this photo, and years on, after all the wear and tear, it still looks stunning. If like me you've always wanted a persian rug but don't fancy paying £££'s Wayfair have an INCREDIBLE selection, most under £100.


There we have it! I hope this inspired your decoration choices. If you liked this post please pin, share, like, and subscribe to my weekly decoration letters :)

11 stunning rugs for under £150