13 of my all time favourite planters for the home

If there's one thing I need to collect more of it's planters. Seriously, it's my personal project to grow my collection at the moment.

See, in all the homes I've ever lived in, I've never had any nice shelving to perch plants on, they've always just been left unloved in their little brown packets on the side which I lost energy to water. 

So I vowed to myself that after the renovation of No. 42 things will be different.

I'll have shelves in every room (well, most rooms I hope) and a place to perch my plants giving them new homes.

Side note: I've actually been getting quotes to install alcove shelving in our living room just so that I can practice styling and shooting plants – true story. So far the quotes from local carpenters are coming in at £700+ (and that's the cheapest we've received!) so it won't be a while until we can afford it, but it hasn't stopped me collecting bits to put on the shelves once they're up and about. I'll be like a kiddy in a toy shop.

I've always thought planters are a stylish way to bring personality to a room. There's something about a succulent / cactus housed in a clay pot that makes a shelf feel that bit more 'thought about' and bonus points if that clay pot is hand made or quirky.

Perch them on top of books, on ceramic plates, in collections of 3, on the mantelpiece, window sills – the styling options are limitless too. 

Have I convinced you you need to grow your collection yet? ;)

Well take a look at my picks to get you inspired and treat yourself (or your mum?) to a new cactus friend. These are adorable, some I own, some I am about to buy...

1. Geometric Wooden planter, £25

The quirky shape and flashes of colour on this planter really caught my eye. I love the irregularity and pastel shades. I think this would be perfect on some simple white shelves in an office, or perched on top of books.

2. Diamond copper planter, £26

Copper will always be in fashion in my book especially when it's a cute frame planter that's slightly 'antique' effect like this one. When shopping for copper accessories I tend to opt for duller metals as they look that bit more expensive. This finish on this nails that!

3. Set of 4 mini ceramic planters, £50

I think it's the mix of complimentary blues that caught my eye with these. If you have any rooms in your home that have a nautical vibe, then these would fit right in, perched along a windowsill or on a tongue and groove bathroom ledge. They're super cute and small, perfect for jazzing up little nooks around the house. 

4. Oval hanging flower pot, £18

I've been looking for this style of oval, leather strap hanging planter for a while now but could never find the right shape available to purchase in the UK, only USA. Hate it when that happens! You have to spend a huge amount of money just shipping the thing. So glad Amara are stocking something similar. I think these are beautiful, but for me, a brown leather strap would be so much more appealing on a kitchen wall or in a bathroom. I guess I could DIY it??

5. Distorted planter in Grey, £26.50

This is such a unique planter that is all about style AND practicalities. The pot sits on a slant on the table for a cool edgy work of art and if you plant a tall growing plant inside it'll grow vertical to emphasise that slant – I love it!


6. Monochrome Quaff planter, £25

Simple, monochrome and a gorgeous pattern. This planter would be a great choice for an office. I would position it right next to a splash of gold – either an ornament or tray like you can see in this pic, to collect all your bits and pieces. 


7. Tripod ceramic planters, £40

Cute with a capital 'C'. Those legs! One thing I really look for in planters is cheekiness and personality (is that weird? I give my plant names though so their homes need to be stylish!) These planters have it all. I've always adored hand thrown clay pots with that irregularity around the rim, and I really like the pottery paint and glaze to it. Reminds me of holidays, ahh. 

8. Flowertop moving planter, £40

Ok, let me just have a minute... these planters MOVE! *squeals* Now if like me you're a clumsy clogs, then this planter may just be your new best friend. Think about all those times you've been carrying something through the room and accidentally catch something on the plant causing a whole soily mess you need to hoover up... or the times you've had to not bother splashing on an expensive planter because you're sure one of the kids will knock within 2 months of it being in the house. Well this is your problem solved... thank me later ;)

9. Foxy planter, £18.50

There are no words for how sweet this planter is. My style tends to channel warm colours and folk vibes and I honestly feel like this planter epitomises everything I love about colour and form. I think there is only 1 available though so I may need to get in quick ;) eeek.

minimalist wooden vases.jpg

10. Minimalist wooden vases, £15

See what I dig about these planters is that not only are they visually stunning for plants, they'd make a statement vase in a mid-century look room. I picture these against a dark navy wall on shelves of books, to provide a neutral place for the eye to settle. I kinda can't believe they're handmade from wood too – look at the intricacy of the lines! True craft. 

11. Large Hypertufa Planter, £31

When I said irregularity and the 'hand thrown' look was my thing, you can also add to that 'concrete' :) This large planter is the perfect neutral shade to make the green of the cactus that sits inside sing. Imagine it when it blossoms! I also like how this planter is heavier than your average pot to help anchor taller plants. 

12. Concrete Geometric Planter, £15

This is the planter that's on my radar for when I come to decorate the finishing touches in my office at No. 42. I'm a long way off the work, but I can already visualise this sitting neatly on my desk beside my inspiring "Be here now" Kikki K quote image. They will be a match made in heaven. 

13. Tall Geometric Planter, £31

I wanted to include this in the round up for a simple reason: interior stylists often work in rules of '3's or odd numbers. This means if you're planning a small collection of planters somewhere in your home, don't have just 2 or 4, have 3 or 5. It's visually more appealing if you mix the heights of the planters too. I can picture this taller planter with the smaller version (no. 12) and a wooden planter (no. 10)

Well those are my 13! What do you think? Which is your fave?

PS quick heads up that some of these planters are from Box of Squares who offer 5% off your first order, so don't miss that one if one has caught your eye.



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