Introducing Heart of House New Spring/Summer collection (perfect for couples on a budget)

It's around this time of year brands start to reveal the new collections they have for the upcoming season and I get a bit giddy with excitement to see what new interior looks are coming in. I got a sneak peek of Heart of House's new Spring/Summer 2016 collection and I wanted to show them off on here as I love how the new pieces are specifically designed to withstand the knocks and bumps of everyday family living.

There are 4 key trends coming in. Read on...

Heart of House is exclusively available at Argos or you can buy select pieces directly from their online store.

Simple Living

The Simple Living range I see as having a modern, Scandi inspired vibe with lots of linear lines, sliding doors and clean design. The Wetherby furniture set seen in the above 2 images, I particularly like as we all know how difficult it is to make a chunky TV look attractive in a well designed living room. Opting for side boards like the above and popping your TV above gives you lots of storage for unsightly remotes, DVD cases and play station controls. I adore the Dorset Spindle bed frame which could easily be sanded down and darkened up with wood stain for a deeper Scandinavian look. Bed frames like this are timeless, and perfect for underbed storage. It's a steal for £229.99 for a kingsize.

Rustic Charm

The Rustic Charm look is probably the closest to my kind of style. As we live in a period flat, we love furniture with character and charm, and I think that leather arm chair would be right at home sitting next to our Chesterfield sofa. The Rustic Charm look is all about warm, homely colours and whilst I wouldn't really expect it for a Spring/Summer 16 new release, I'm secretly delighted it's totally ok to rock the winter warmth look in your home in the height of Summer! Who has the money to change their interior look every season? I invest in warm furniture like those above that can be styled with different accessories depending on the season.

Floral Meadow

Floral Meadow has such a charming cottage-chic interior look to it. Again, here is another example of a finely crafted timeless bed frame. I love the smooth curves and raw wood look. What caught my eye from this range, was the Petunia embroidered bed linen. If you've ever wondered how to give your room a freshen up for Spring, it's this. Buying some crisp white floral sheets incorporating some warm cosy colours. I love the red piping all around the duvet - simple but beautiful.

Global Paradise

Global Paradise exudes opulence, luxury and drama. This is the polar opposite of my taste but if I lived in a new build home, I'd be all over it. The mirrored furniture is a fantastic choice is you're dressing a smaller than average room as the light bounces around creating an illusion of space. I love how Heart of House have placed luxurious soft velvets against the shiny, hard mirror surfaces as it softens the look. Very feminine indeed. Which look is your favourite? I've got to say, I'm most impressed with Heart of Houses' beds and overall pricing. This is a brand who know how to design stylish pieces in line with the demands of daily life.

Have a little look at their site for more interior ideas. Your other half might like them too.