Styling a chest of drawers to be a little less yawn

styling a chest of drawers

Oh God. Just look how depressing the top of my chest of drawers have been for the past 2 years. There's been no real style to them. I've never actually liked the furniture either. I just use it as a dumping ground for perfume bottles, make up, a pile of old letters and glasses of old tea and water.

See, I live like an animal behind all the nice house photos on here. I need to change this.

Wayfair are challenging bloggers to create #SpringShelfie's in the next few weeks in a bid to get out with the old in with the new, so I'm jumping on the ol' bandwagon and taking the opportunity to give my chest of drawers a bit more character.

I eventually want to either upcycle the drawers by painting them and changing the handles for a more mid-century feel as opposed to the vintage-not-so-chic vibe they currently have, but until then, here's me polishing a turd with some rather beautiful accessories that I can use in all rooms of the flat.

This is a sneak peek behind the scenes of me styling up drawers for photos on my blog. Hope you enjoy :)

That piece of art I fell in love with for the navy, mustard and peach tones it has. I never thought I was the type to like "abstract" paintings, but this Night on the Rocks Giclee print by Cozamia (and in fact, the whole collection of art they create) really stood out for me.

Given the print was so high, I wanted to anchor it with low level and medium level accessories so I popped in this Mushroom Desk Lamp from Dotcomgiftshop which I adore. It's so versatile, I can switch up where it sits in our flat, on my desk, bedside table or beside the sofa as a more focused spot light for reading magazines. I love how easy it is to change the height too and the colour fits with any theme.

The vase I haven't had long and it's already a treasure of mine. The colour is spot on for mustard accents I've been wanting to incorporate into our bedroom colour scheme, and I love the weight of it (is that weird?) Pure quality :-)

I thoroughly recommend visiting sites like Wayfair & Dotcomgiftshop for accessories to style up your Spring Shelfies. Don't forget to share your snaps with me though yeah :-)