Decking the house with all things Christmas! | A mini tour

Christmas in our 1930s semi detached

Christmas fun

Last weekend was the most fun I've had in this house since our kitchen reno completed. We cranked the Christmas tunes on high, poured the mulled wine before 12pm (get us!), and got untangling those Christmas lights to decorate the house ready for Christmas.

What was supposed to be a half-day's effort turned into a 3 day affair, no kidding. We invited friends over for dinner at 5pm so had to put our decorating on pause, and I didn't finish it until last Monday – #foreverfaffing. 

Here's how I've decorated the house this year :)

Christmas in our 1930s semi detached house
Christmas in our 1930s semi detached


The living room is the heart of our home I think – it's the place we go to chill out in our PJs after eating too much turkey, then tuck into the after eights with the fire roaring. So this room is usually the first I decorate and I try to go more "all out" than the rest of the house. 

Our Christmas Tree

I'll start with the tree :) We've put up our trusty artificial one this year (after my pleading with Neil to get a real one but soon realised we couldn't justify the extra expense after the kitchen project cleaning our account out). We've had this tree for years, it's a good size for the room and most of the decorations on it are ones I've collected throughout the years, from places we've travelled, and gifts from family and friends. 

I did get a couple of beautiful new baubles for it this year, including these silver acorn baubles that twinkle in the lights, and this classic Christmas Wreath bauble to match the beautiful pom pom wreath cushion on the armchair. 

Christmas bauble

Here's a cheeky tree decor tip, I hold onto any cute Christmassy gift tags I receive through the years and hang them on the tree as baubles for extra sparkle and memories! It's nice to look back and read the lovely messages on them when you come to decorate again next year. 

Christmas mantlepiece

Now for the mantlepiece. It's actually the first year I've ever had a Christmas garland for decorating with, after so many years of loving the Christmas garlands that line stairways and mantlepieces on Pinterest I thought I would treat myself to an extra long garland this year, cut it in half (which took some force!!) and use half in the living room and half in the kitchen. I picked this one up from eBay (link here) with pine cones really early on in October when I was going through one of my "must be better at planning" phases, and got so excited when a little piece of Christmas arrived on my doorstep before any word about Christmas was shared. 

Santa Claus Tree topper, Asda

The Santa Claus there was something I bought for Neil in Asda. We were doing our weekly shop there and (as I do with every shop) I was dragging him into the Christmas / Home section for a look around and he spotted this little guy so I bought it for him. He's actually a tree topper but way too big for our tree. Only £5, a bargain. 

My family all know this about me but I'm not sure I've mentioned it on my blog yet – I have a little bit of an obsession with house shaped ornaments, normally candle holders. See that nordic looking house on the mantle? It's a tealight holder that I'm in love with, quickly bought to grow my house collection. The twinkle it gives when you put a tealight inside is so cosy. Although I do worry I'll burn the place down with all the foliage I put near it!

Scandinavian Christmas House decoration

This Christmas tree candle is another new addition to my Christmas collection – it's got a lovely silver, frosting finish that really compliments the tea light house so I let those two be friends. It's definitely one of those candles you buy and don't ever want to light. Way too pretty to burn!

Christmas home tour decoration

My Pooky lamp is here shining bright beside the tree. This armchair makes the best place to chill and write or have a tipple or two. I've put all the furs in this corner and finished it off with this pom pom Christmas cushion that looks right at home with soft fabrics and the grey. 

Over the other side of the room you can see Neil has hung us some lights across the bay window. We used 3M Command Decorating Clips to hang these indoors instead of outdoors which was a life saviour because we don't have cables long enough that can be fed outside.  

These clear decorating clips were my best friend when hanging the hallway decorations which you'll see why below...

Christmas fairy lights around the bay

You can spot my new oblong Winter Twilight Landscape Christmas scene cushion here too – it's got such a pretty watercolour design on it that is so subtly festive. Can I get away with having it out all year? Pleeeeeease?

Then on through the door and back out to the hallway... 

My lovely personalised wicker heart hangs on the door which I think will be suitable all year round. At least I hope? I could be in a Christmas blur at the moment so all accessories look normal to me now :)

Wicker Christmas Heart
Christmas Wicker Heart


We haven't finished decorating our hallway yet, still need mirrors, a nice console table and little bits, so I tried to make the best of the blank space by hanging these stunning paper pom poms in the corner by our door. These are by a lovely little company called Pompom and Twiddle who sell some amazing wall decorations that can be left hanging up all year round. I love their honeycomb paper balls and won't be pulling these down any time soon!

Christmas hallway decoration

I hung these by sticking 3M clear decorating clips to the ceiling  and hanging the balls using some of Neil's fishing wire. The decorating clips will hopefully keep our fresh paint work in tact when I do come to remove them. 

On the stairway is my crafting masterpiece... *laughing emoji*

Christmas stair garland idea
Christmas stair garland lights idea

I've gone a bit star mad here, and cut up a long string of star garlands I bought on eBay (link here) back in October during that planning phase I mentioned, and hung lines all the way up the stairs.  I also picked up these really cheap and workable battery lights from eBay (link here) and used decorating clips to feed them all the way up the stairs and around the door. 

I completed my star space hanging this S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G twig + star Christmas wreath tied with a ribbon onto our glass door that divides the hall and kitchen. 

Star twig wreath for Christmas

Isn't it so pretty! I don't think the photos do it justice either. The way it sparkles is something pics just can't pick up :(

Now we go through to the kitchen... where the magic is really going to happen on Christmas Day (God I hope I don't burn the turkey). 


Kitchen diner christmas garland

It's fairly understated in here because I don't like decorations getting in the way when trying to cook/close cupboards etc, so I've gone for some really twinkling garlands as little Christmas accents dotted around the room. 

The first is this beautiful silver pinecone garland that is a total burst of glitter on my kitchen window. It resembles a frosty scene and is perfect for decorating "less cosy" parts of the house like a kitchen, a laundry room or a bathroom. 

Again, why don't cameras pick up on glitter?? I wish you could see it shine in real life. 

glitter garland

We have another 'nook' or shelving space built in with our kitchen units on the opposite side of the room which I wrapped this stunning frosty ivy garland around, to jazz up the cook books and add a bit of sparkle when I'm cooking/stressing on Christmas Day. Can I just point out how much I love my murmur living jug. It really is one of my fave possessions in the kitchen. 

Ivy garland for Christmas

Then in the dining area of the kitchen, I've hung my DIY Advent Calendar on our shaker peg shelf and switched up our table linen to try it out before Christmas day. I'm glad I did, too. Turns out I need to take it up by about 10cm each side before we can comfortably use it!

DIY Advent Calendar
Christmas Diner Decoration

I've gone a bit candle and light mad in the diner section, with these heavy, rustic Christmas block candle holders to decorate the windowsill. Every letter has a candle above it which spreads the cosiest light onto the window sill. This block set is from another gorgeous company called Walter & May who I've been back and forth to for the lovely gifts they sell on their website. Of course, me being me I spend more on myself than anyone else. Eek!! 

Christmas candle decoration on window sill
Christmas candle block decorations

The mini gold flag garland was something I picked up when I visited London this time last year in the Kikki K January sale. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for little decorative paper pieces like this again because I used this for a birthday gathering too. 

Light up star christmas decoration

This sparkling light up star brings such a magical atmosphere to the dining area. The moment I plugged it in and switched it on I gasped! It's made from branches woven together and has warm metal LED string lights wrapped around it which looks every bit as stunning when it's switched off during the day. This will be cherished for years to come, I know it! It's already one of my favourite decorations in the house.

Then we make our way upstairs – there isn't much to show up here because we're still in renovation mode, but I couldn't not spruce up my make up station with a little Christmas cheer...


The first thing I did in here was put fairy lights all around the mirror! I accidentally found myself the owner of these when an Ikea delivery of our dining room chairs got a bit muddled and they gave us these lights along with it. It's fate I think. 

Ceramic tree hanging decoration

I used these stunning ceramic decorations that are supposed to be for the Christmas tree around the mirror to make it feel that little bit more festive when I'm putting my slap on! 

I seem to have a little bit of a habit in using baubles as ornaments as you can see by this glitter paper bauble and embellished bead snowflake hanging decoration which adds a touch of sparkle sat next to the country hare I got from Sainsburys not long ago. 


And I think that completes the tour for this year! Oh wait.... I forgot these little guys. 


It's Bill and Ted. They hang out by the fire behind my grapefruit candle. Gotta love them!

Thanks for reading and a very merry Christmas to you,

Fifi xxx

A big thank you to the National Trust for loaning me some of these gorgeous decorations for my home this Christmas, my house and heart sparkles with all of them.

I strongly urge you to consider National Trust membership for a very special gift this Christmas. Neil and I received membership as an engagement gift and it made our whole year! Not only is it such a thoughtful gift but it helps protect the future of our coastlines and countryside for many many years to come. 

This is not a sponsored post.