8 items you need to pack for a festival

The festival season has well and truly kicked off. And apparently, Glastonbury is forecast sun next weekend. Say whaat?

It'll still be an absolute mud fest, so Hunters are a must in my book... I've probably gone and jynxed it all and we'll see torrential downpours, but oh well. With a cider in hand, who'll even recognise a couple of drops of rain?

Here's what's definitely being chucked in my backpack:

1) Copious amounts of baby wipes. And not the expensive ones either. Baby wipes are essential for obvious reasons. A quick wash round when you roll out of the tent and you're feeling fresh for the day (or at least half an hour anyway) Make sure you buy perfumed so you get as much out of the experience as possible. And bring them with you everywhere you go for hands, loo seats and mud splashes that miraculously manage to climb half way up your back! 90p a pop from boots

2) Bioderma. Ah, the God send that is micellar water. Perfect for in-tent, drunken make up removal. Who can be arsed to trek to the loos at stupid o'clock armed with face wash and toothbrush? In fact, I probably won't even bring any, save on backpack space. From £3.00 for 100ml Escentual

3) Toni & Guy sea salt texturising spray (travel size) Now this stuff is a blessing in a bottle. Expect a flash review of this pretty soon. It's perfect for on the go festival-hair volume, I'm never without it. £2.49 boots

4) Disposable camera. I searched the pound shops high up low down for the disposable cameras they sold last year (they worked every bit as good as kodak) but to no avail I splashed out on this bad boy. Don't be silly enough to take a DSLR unless you want to spend the whole weekend babysitting it. £7.49 boots

5) Pocket size torch. They have yet to invent portaloos with lights inside when it gets dark. Don't forget this little thing... who knows what you might sit on without it ;) Stolen from my friend last summer (she still hasn't noticed. shh)

6) Batiste Dry Shampoo. Another obvious but essential item to throw in the bag. All those hours spent queuing for showers alleviated in three sprays. £1.19 Superdrug

7)  Denman back combing brush. These little babies are great for those greasy hair days and they're so slim to chuck in a make up bag, you wouldn't know you had it. I'll be using it to backcomb the roots in a bid to steer clear of the lank look. If you haven't got one, buy it now. £4.99 boots

8) Extra sunglasses. The last may seem like an optimistic choice. However I'm one of those people who wear sunglasses in the rain. We all know when we're running around fields we leave our (usually our favourite) sunglasses behind somewhere. Take a cheapo spare pair, and whatever you do, don't go losing your Ray-Bans. £1 Primark

What festivals are you going to this summer? Don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin' if you haven't already :)

Oh, and if you're undecided on what to take along makeup-wise, check out my friend Rosie's festival survival post. It's got some great tips!

Happy partying!