Tuxedo nails

Tuxedo nails: white Barry M varnish & free-hand Andrea Fulterton nail pen (Superdrug)

All this Glasto preparation got me thinking about how I want to paint my nails for the festival. I love seeing a flash of quirky nail in photos, they add pazzaz to boring outfits. Probably why I'm so obsessed! 

With festivals being the one place anything goes (yes, I might even bust out a tiger crop top and multi-coloured leggings) I've been trying to come up with some ideas that are a wee bit different from the norm. 

This photo was taken about a year ago when tuxedo nails were the in-thing (always the follower, never the trendsetter, me!) and yep, I joked that 'for once in my life I have 10 men at my finger tips'. Not a chance. Thinking about recreating the look next week though. Either this or makeshift strawberries. I'll post a photo on how I get on.