A month in photos: July 2013

I get quite excited writing these posts. I started the theme on this blog last June and love how reflective it can be, skimming through all 997 photos on your iPhone almost forgetting half, down to drunken delusion. It's amazing how quick you can forget what you've done in one month and it acts as a reminder how much I bloody love my life!

Never knew Marwoods had a garden out back. Hottest morning in history

Iced Tea courtesy of the bosses

Ain't he handsome

Saved myself so much cash taking a packed lunch to work, and congratulated myself one day, for being an epic sarnie maker.

Best weekend of 2013, read more about my first Glasto experience

Finally purchased some anklets 

Took a wee trip out t'marina with the lads at work

 ...and tried to counter balance it with shit loads of salad

 Chilled times with beer & sun

effortlessly matching my nails to my drinks in these photos

As content as a pig in poo with a tinny (I'm not an alcoholic, I swear)

Do you post round ups of your weeks/months? I'd love to see. It's a great way to recap, and feel a bit more grateful for life's little things.

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