Brighton Craft Alliance musings

Back from Glastonbury, feeling a little fuzzy headed, but ready to swing back into a routine of getting sh!t done besides whiling away the days in a cider induced haze. Photos of Glasto to come soon!

The Brighton Craft Alliance fair was a bit of a while ago now, this one. Me & Neil took a trip to have a little mosey around just before we departed for some fun in the sun. 

It was such a nice set up. I'd never been inside the Brighton Unitarian Church (or, 'that big temple looking building opposite mash tun' - if you're from round these ends) and I was actually surprised how small it was inside.

Perfect place for local crafty ladies to show off their hand made creations though. And I believe they're having another fair at The Old Market on 20th July - definitely one to pop in to, even if it's just to marvel at the talent.

These handmade bows are by the lovely @lotusandclover, her etsy shop is Sugar Glass (some really cute crochet bits and bobs on there!)

These beautiful hand drawn earrings are one of those things I WISH I bought but didn't. Big regrets. They're by the talented Kirstin Stride

Very lovely 2p canvas bags in the corner there by Woah There Pickle (possibly the best shop name I've ever heard, too)

A snap of some very cute jewellery by Claudia Made This - I fell in love with these floral rings. I want one for every finger!

Images by the lovely Neil