Glastonbury 2013: Best weekend of me life

I've been unbelievably excited about posting this. It's a bit late coming, granted. Myself & Neil went to Glasto last month. I was a Glastonbury virg - and I well and truly popped the ol' festival cherry with this one.

The weather was impeccable, there was an unseeable amount of cool stuff to do (make spoons, draw pictures, comedy, hair braiding, giant twister) and the people and bands we saw were insane. It was up there with one of the best experiences of my life (minus the hayfever and stink from the portaloos).

Neil's written a much more in depth post on it all for his blog. His words nail down the experience much better than I can even begin to, go have a read if you like.

Of course, I've stolen all his lovely photos. What a talented man he is.