Things I'm crazy over #3 Smoothies

Drinking a home made smoothie instead of dessert.

Neil & I came back from Glastonbury on a mission. We needed some serious detox following a whole week of whiskey, sun stroke, poor consumption of water (that tasted more like melted plastic. Oh the joys of camping water carriers) and copious helpings of oil drenched noodles, chips and pizza from all the delicious stalls.

Our first stop on the drive home was made to Aldi in Portslade. I've never seen a trolley look so healthy and full to the brim of fruit and salad as I did when we were checking out. We bought loads of lush fruit to make smoothies, to inject our weekly dose of vitamins into one glass. And we felt bloody brilliant after.

Ever since we've been addicted. Literally addicted. We end up buzzing after a few sips, eyes wide open and smiles from ear to ear (bit scary really.)

A smoothie is a much healthier way to get your sugar kick after dinner, and we've even made smoothie ice lollies for when it's so hot all you can muster any energy for is eating.

Have you made any crazy smoothies before? We want to mix it up with some weird ingredients, but we're too scared it'll ruin the whole drink.

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