Tip-off Tuesday: 10 cheap things to do in Brighton

It's a bit sad how I've been born and bred in this beautiful city and never wanted to leave. Not for uni, not for anything! The very thought of one day having to move or even commute for better career prospects scares me a bit - I've never lived in a city without a coast line and I'm convinced I'll get lost 24-7. The best thing about Brighton, is that you can never get lost as long as you know which direction the sea is.

There is so much to see and do here, I had to condense this post down from 30 to 10. If you ever visit Brighton, or if like me, you're lucky enough to live here, here's a handful of things to see you through your stay (weather dependent!)

1) Walk along the promenade. There's so many little cafes and ice cream stop-offs along the way. Hot chocolate for the windy days and ice lollies when it's a boiler.

2) Go for cream tea in one of the hundreds of cafes in the laines. I can't recommend Blackbird Tea Rooms highly enough.

3) Get lost in the quirky shops in the laines. One of my favourite things to do here is to spend the day nosing in Snoopers Paradise, charity shops and antique stores. Brighton is a hub for all you vintage lovers.

4) Hit up a vintage photo booth with your besties. This one is in Snooper's Paradise. It's £3 for 2 mins of fun and a life time of memories :) there's so many props there too. We hogged the machine a bit...

5) Have drinks at the marina. And spend the day wishing you owned a boat.

6) Stop off in every pub from the top of St. James Street to the end of George's Road. Best to make sure it's a Friday or Saturday to save you rolling into work the next day, worried for your computer.

7) Take your dinner to the pebbles. I'd highly recommend bringing a camping mat if you plan on making a night of it. Those stones are lethal.

8) Wander through some of the food markets dotted around the city. There's one every Wednesday in Churchill Sq. or every other month on New Road. In fact, just go to New Road. There's always so many funny faces around.

9) Get some grub from pompoko and take it to Pavilion Gardens for some al fresco dining. Sesame Chicken Don. Ahhh.

10) Take a walk along the pier and get yourself some candy floss. You're NEVER too old. But I probably wouldn't recommend it if it's windy. My hair ended up wrapping around the whole bloody thing.

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