Tip-Off Tuesdays: An app to make your day more creative


I've always been a sucker for instant inspiration. What I mean is, inspiring reading you can do on the go. A book, site or blog you can delve into and know you're going to come out of the other side a better, more ideas-driven person. Stylist magazine is one - every Wednesday without fail I nip through the laines to pick up a copy and finish reading it with a new feminist lease on life. Or I'll read A Beautiful Mess and drool over the sisters' style, cooking skills and perfect homes.

When I came across Mollie Makes' iPhone/iPad app Gathered, I knew if I downloaded it, it would be another one of those growing obsessions that makes me drop tools and read the moment their newest issue is released.

And I was right.

This little app covers a range of bite-sized interviews, DIYs, cute beginners creations and keeps you on track of the crafty scene. For beginners like me, it puts me in touch with people and companies I'd never have known about and it inspires me to be more of a maker. I love the design. It's so simple to use. And it's a steal at £1.49 for a weekly dose of crafty goodness.

I signed up for a month and got 5 FREE issues - all for £2.99.

Treat your iPhone to a few copies :) they supply you with very sweet backgrounds to download every week - to proper pimp out your phone. Yeeeah.

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