Why you need to purchase La Roche Posay's Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel

La Roche Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel (for Oily Sensitive skin) £10.21, Boots

I struggle with the oiliest skin on the planet. Whilst my ma says it's a great thing, that if you have oily skin won't get wrinkles until you're 50... I can't seem to see the light. I've tried product after product to find face wash that suits my skin at a reasonable price, and while this is by no means 'miraculous' it's definitely a strong contender so far.

I always think it's better to use a wash as opposed to a cleanser for oil heads like me - wash away the grime from the day, don't just whack more moisture all over it and hope for the best. I picked this up after reading strong reviews on Effaclar Duo/Effaclar AI combos. I thought I'd give it a try as it's paraben and soap free (a must for oily skin) and on top of that it's ideal for those prone to imperfections.

Here's the pros:
  • Not a bad price considering La Roche Posay's brothers & sisters start from something ridiculous like £20 for pea sized amounts.
  • The bottle is huge, I've used mine daily for about a month now and it still feels untouched.
  • It washes away the majority of makeup whilst being gentle on the eyes
  • It leaves a nice clean shine on the t-zone - without feeling too tight/drying after.
  • It has a really subtle floral smell to it. I'm fussy with perfumed skincare, but this isn't too harsh.
  • No breakouts what so ever, I usually come out in spots galore when I switch up my skincare. It takes persistence, but this stuff was a breeze.
  • It's leaves a really refreshed feeling on the skin after washing - perfect for those sleepy mornings.
And a few cons (because nothing's perfect and I'm super fussy):
  • It claims to be a foaming gel, but for me, there ain't no foam. Say what?!
  • There's still no sign of it banishing shine for the whole day. Maybe this is a lot to ask from a wash, but I'm desperate to find a low maintenance way of reducing that 'office sheen', where one minute you're looking powdered to perfection, and the next minute you're dripping onto your Mac. (ha. eurgh. sorry)

Have you guys tried any of the Effaclar range? I'd love to read your reviews. Oh and if you're an oily lass like me, definitely let me know if you've found any break through products.