Yay, good news for fifimcgee!

My little blog is joining the big, bad-ass world of custom domains, and in true fifi style I went all out and made vanilla cupcakes to celebrate. I've only been blogging for about 7 weeks and I'm having the most fun ever coming up with ideas, writing posts, baking and nagging Neil to take photos for me. (He's amazing, have a look at his portfolio. He makes me very proud.)

Now that I'm on a fairly steady path I thought I'd treat this little page to some much needed SEO lurrve. I'm still massively in the trial stages of blogging and some of the content is a little bit all over the place - but I guess every blogger starts out the same. Hopefully I'll develop a bit more of a patter in the weeks to come. I'm excited :)

Before I go, I'm getting super close to having 100 followers on GFC & Bloglovin' so if you're reading this, I'd love you to follow me if you like what you see.