Tip-off Tuesday: 5 blogs in every category you need to bookmark!

I'm constantly on the search for new blogs, sites, digital magazines and apps to inspire my day. And after finally starting up this little blog, I've come across some amazingly different sites all thanks to tweeting and chatting to some pretty cool people in #fblchat & #lbloggers. Seriously it's a hub for talented photographers and writers. All I do in my spare time is check all of your blogs out! (well, once I get past staring at my weird nail polish. So easily distracted.)

Here's who has been winning my vote for consistency, creativity and content over the past few weeks. I really suggest you checking out these sites and bookmarking asap.

 Favourite Creative Lifestyle site: Whimsy

I only very recently discovered Whimsy when I came across a DIY they filmed for Gathered by Mollie Makes. Since then, I haven't looked back. They cover anything from hair tutorials to recipes to 'reasons to be cheerful'.. I <3 the versatility and cute branding.

Fave Food Art blog: Ida Frosk

I first discovered Ida Frosk on Instagram. She brightens up every newsfeed with photos of her food creations. She literally turns a slice of mundane toast into a Darth Vader masterpiece. Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself.

Best blog for outfit photography: The Magpie Girl

I love Vicki's outfit posts. They aren't your conventional mirror shots or 'blank wall in bedroom' kinda photos. She mixes lifestyle and fashion blogging to perfection, papping her outfits in such beautiful locations in Northern Ireland. 

Favourite blog for wedding & events photography: Neil William Shaw

I know, I know - bit on the biased side eh? Neil's a fairly new blogger like me. He's been a professional photographer for years, but he's now showing off his writing skills to document wedding stories, bridal inspiration and general Brighton events. Bookmark his site if you're a nosey photo lover like me :)

Best blog for the downright amazing versatility: Rosalilium

One thing that makes me click the follow button every time, is versatility in writing and post ideas. Rosalilium is all any versatile-aholic (what. is that a word?) could ever need. She balances blogging tips with recipes, lifestyle posts, happy posts and motivational articles so nicely. Give her a follow!

Who are your favourite bloggers? And what sites inspire you most? I'm always on the lookout for more, tweet me a link :)