Guest Post: 'Living Out Loud' by Cydney Helsdown

This is a guest post from the very lovely Cydney Helsdown, opinionated mother and aspiring writer. Her blog is full of life's little rants, with some great book reviews for even the busiest readers among us.

When I saw Fifi's post about cute apps to get your creative juices flowing I immediately remembered the book I received at Christmas. It's all about becoming more creative and generally adding a bit more excitement to your life.This sparked an idea to write this guest post. It's taken me a while to get round to doing it so I'll get stuck in.

It's called 'Living Out Loud' written by Keri Smith. As soon as I opened the front page I was fascinated - from start to finish each page is jam packed with bright colours, an abundance of cute illustrations, but even better, stickers, pull out pages, cut outs and plenty of ideas - gosh what more could you want?! All Boxing Day my head was stuck in this book, flicking through each chapter over and over again trying to get the most out of every page.

Unfortunately I've only managed to get round to one of the ideas in this book which is the journal (which also reminded me of the diary Sebastian keeps in 'Cruel Intentions' but that will be a hit and miss for anyone that hasn't seen it (you should watch it though, it's a great 90s chick flick with a twist) I started my journal on the first of January and I'm proud to say that I still update it to this day.

My Journal (no peeking though)
It's the perfect book if you find yourself aimlessly flicking through channels or pottering around bored in your spare time. Even if you do have quite a hectic day-to-day schedule there's a few suitable creative activities for you too. All in all it's a fantastic book for everyone and now that I've written this review I will make sure to get started on a couple of the activities and possibly blog about it, exciting stuff ay?!

 Thank you Cydney - I'm now off to purchase one too. What an excellent review. Follow Cydney's blog for more updates. I'm excited to see you do these activities!