Why you need to purchase a Denman Bright Be-Bop Detangling Brush

Denman D6 Bright Be-Bop Detangling Brush, £3.50*

I'm not usually one for taking care of my hair with lotions and potions, but recently I've had such dry ends. You can probably see from this post. I put a shout out for your recommendations on twitter and got myself some TRESemme Platinum strength conditioner that worked wonders. (Review to come)

I used this in-shower brush to apply the conditioner and it's left my hair about 90% more conditioned than using just my hands. Here's why you should buy one:

  • The pins soften in the heat of the shower combing through conditioner, oil or products thoroughly (like a mini massage!)
  • Perfect size and grip on the handle for using in wet surroundings... AND slipping into your vanity case when travelling
  • Such cute colours. My purple one brightens up my bathroom.
  • ...an even better price. £3.50. You kidding me?
  • You can use it for combing through your ends when you're out and about too, and it won't give that frizzy 'just brushed' look - there's a good level of space between the pins.
  • It left my hair feeling stronger and silkier when used with a deep nourishing treatment
Do you use an in-shower comb? Got any good recommendations for dry ends?