The most gentle brush for tangle taming

Denman D90 Bumble Bee tangle tamer, £6.98* (

Ok so this brush is actually for children, but when you see the cutesy bumble bee design on the back of it you'll want one for yourself as well. 

It's a painful ol' business brushing knotty hair. I try to make it a once a fortnight occurrence (yes, really.) and it usually winds up with me having accustomed a few unwanted dreadlocks at the back of my birds nest. I've been on the prowl for pain-free tangle tamers since my childhood years and this Denman brush is one of the best I've tried. Denman really are the best brush makers on the market. I've grown up with their classic stylers.

The pros:
  • It's soft bristles don't have that 'tearing' approach that most brushes seem to have. They scare me.
  • Although soft, it doesn't leave your hair looking over brushed. You know when you whizz a brush through your locks in a public loo and you walk out looking like the blonde guy from Wayne's World. None of that.
  • The bristles are well spaced out, perfect for styling.
  • It has the cutest design on the back. You're never too old in my book!
  • Usually it's more painful to brush when your hair is wet, but this is nice 'n' gentle for after washes. So yes, perfect for little girls (or boys?) with freakishly long locks
The cons:
  • The brush is a little small. It's a shame it doesn't come as a paddle brush for quicker styling but that does mean it slips into your bag like a dream.

And so the quest for the perfect brush continues....

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