Tea & Cake at... Marmalade, Kemptown

My adoration for tea shops, coffee houses, or cafes (whatever you wanna call 'em) is all the more encouraged living here in Brighton. Every street you wander down has 3 or 4 quaint little stop-offs, all with something different to offer. It's a right ol' pain on the purse strings but it means we're never short of things to do or quirky places to visit. I've decided to share some reviews and ideas of as many cafes as I can so if you're ever in Brighton, or stuck for ideas on things to do, hopefully these might give you some inspiration :)

Marmalade is a new and traditional little cafe/restaurant that's only just popped up on the far reaches of Kemptown, Eastern Road. On myself and Neil's weekly walks to Lidl, I always pop my head in, admiring the flower displays they have in the windows and the period interior. It's been on my list of places to check out for months now, and finally this weekend we paid a sweeping visit.

The range of home cooked, delectable snacks ahead of me as I was whisked through the door made me giddy. I went for one of their tasty home made sausage rolls; the multi-seed toppings had me convinced it was a healthy option and it tided me over nicely til din dins (along with the obligatory home baked fairy cake with a brew!) 

For me, the interior of a cafe can make or break the experience. I'm usually pretty selective with where to meet people or spend an afternoon being spoiled for choice in Brighton. And I don't mind spending a bit more wonga for a nice atmosphere! The decor and layout of this cafe makes you feel like you're chilling at home (although I WISH my house was decorated this nice). There are various little rooms and lots of natural light letting the outdoors in, and myself and Neil were in awe at the bare wired lighting. I love rustic, shabby chic interior - it gives me so many ideas for what I want my own home to look like one day (and don't get me started on those Marigolds, wow).

All in all, an ace place to spend a Sunday afternoon! If you're ever in the Kemptown/Marina area of Brighton, check it out.

I also wrote a review of Marwoods, a quirky little tea shop that make life changing cakes, go see :)

Big high five's to Neil for photographing :D