Tea & Cake at....

My adoration for tea shops, coffee houses, or cafes (whatever you wanna call 'em) is all the more encouraged living here in Brighton. Every street you wander down has 3 or 4 quaint little stop-offs, all with something different to offer. It's a right ol' pain on the purse strings but it means we're never short of things to do or quirky places to visit. I've decided to share some reviews and ideas of as many cafes as I can so if you're ever in Brighton, or stuck for ideas on things to do, hopefully these might give you some inspiration :)

And here's the first of many....

Marwoods is an eccentric little cafe based in the heart of the lanes and it's made quite a reputation for itself for their 'kick arse coffee and life changing cake'. 

Well, I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but if their victoria sponge is anything to go by, you'll be no doubt left smitten! Every bite made me as content as a lamb.

 I've been to Marwoods often, sometimes with friends, sometimes on work meetings and it really is a place for everyone, packed with charm and character.

The first thing that strikes you, if you ever visit, is how rustic and random the furnishings and decor are. It's like stepping onto a film set, decked out in vintage, mismatched and country bumpkin paraphernalia. Me and Neil joked whether somebody was given £5k to just go to every thrift store in Brighton, and buy the coolest stuff they can find to furnish the cafe. We sat there in awe at how amazing that job would be.

The day we went for a cuppa, the staff were unbelievably friendly. Which is quite a rare find if you head to town on a hungover bank holiday morning, and although this place wasn't as busy as it usually gets, there was a really nice chilled atmosphere. 

The food on offer made me salivate as I read the menu. They make a mean hangover burrito, let me tell you. And I must have spent a solid 20 minutes discussing with the staff, which cake I should have. They had a whole variety of triple tiered goodies on offer some chilli, some chocolate. I remember struggling with deciding between a pot of tea, or their iced tea because last time I had it I was a changed woman.

I've set the bar pretty high kicking off all my Brighton cafe reviews with one of the best, most popular haunts in Brighton. But I assure you, there's a whole lot more to come. I'm excited!

I'd love it if you followed me to stay posted on more tea places I'll be visiting :)

Happy Sunday!