Month in pictures: August 2013

A bit late to the party here, but August absolutely flew past us, didn't it? It's slowly but surely getting darker earlier in the evenings, and on my walk to work there's a winter nip in the air. I think it's time to pull out my unnecessary mound of jumpers and start layering up - autumn is upon us, huurrrah!

August was such a great month! The beautiful weather, bank holiday weekend and a couple of birthday's here and there meant I was non-stop pappin'......

I took not one, but two trips to Pizza Express with the girls. I stupidly ordered a 'lite' pizza by mistake and wasn't too impressed with a garden of salad in place of half my pizza. Screw the diets.

A bunch of us went wine tasting at Ten Green Bottles for Neil's birthday - possibly the most middle class thing I've ever done, and bloody loved it.

I played photographer for Everything's Rosie for a filofax competition she entered and we had such a laugh dodging all the runners in the park opposite her house. How do you fashion bloggers do this on a daily basis? *commitments* 

Me & Neil took a trip around the laines one weekend and papped a pic of me with the whales. yay.

My first tea shop review from my trip to Marwoods went up on the blog, cake + blogging = happy fifi

Me and my ma had a few coffee trips - she's a gem (if I had my way I would make her a permanent feature on this site but she's 100% computer illiterate.)

Yup. Here's a snap of us wearing the same outfits. I promise it wasn't a stitch up. we're crazy cats.

I'm so proud that I finally got round to making my first loaf o' bread - and it was SO easy. Checks it.

I played around with some cool chocolatey recipe ideas and got a few innuendo comments in return ha ha ha 

Bring on September! (oh God are we really 11 days in?) My aims for this month are to cook up a rainbow storm in the kitchen (watch this space), make some arrangements for mine and the super dooper fizzy peaches' brighton bitch and stitch (can't wait to tell you more) and attend a few amazing craft fairs coming up in Brighton (like the We Made This market on Saturday).

Hopefully next month's post will have even more jam-packed instagrammin' to show you.

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