5 easy chobani-inspired recipe ideas

The Brighton bloggers were welcomed to a wonderful Chobani launch night at Graze Restaurant in Hove not long ago, and as if an invite to a fab 4 course dinner wasn't enough, they sent each of us their whole range of yogurts to play around with at home. Here's what I'll be using mine for, I sense an early obsession forming:


The easiest thing to whip up if you have a few avocados and onions lying around, guacamole makes the best mexican starter & accompaniment for spicy chicken fajitas. Add a dollop or three of Chobani plain greek yogurt for a creamier texture, and if you've made your fajitas a tad on the spicy side, whack in some yogurt to make it milder. Versatility at its finest folks!

Chobani con carne

I've made plenty of chilli con carnes in my time, all seeming to have lacked a certain something. I used to cake in loads of MSG and consider it job done, but after introducing chobani to the mix, I realised the missing ingredient was a natural yogurt (or for those careless of their waistline, soured cream & lots of it). Chobani gave the same bitter-creaminess but with 0% fat.


There's a whole range of delectable fruity flavours not just their famous plain greek. Passionfruit, lemon, raspberry, blood orange, I'll be experimenting with one or two of these for a healthy, filling breakfast - put your favourite flavour in a glass, toss in some fruit pieces and layer with granola. An epic start to the day.


Neil & I make smoothies all the time, so when I read somewhere that adding a fruity yogurt to the blend makes it that bit more juicy I added a passionfruit Chobani yogurt to our next drink. The extra addition made it much more drinkable - not just by adding another yum taste - it made the mixture that bit more runny so there was no need to spoon out the remnants from the bottom of the glass. Score!

Mashed Chobani tatties

If you're making mashed potatoes and don't fancy the calories of mixing in full fat milk and chunks of melted butter, Chobani's your friend. I have yet to try this, but for anyone calorie counting that still want sa creamy spud, I think Chobani will be perfect with a bit of pepper and maybe some spring onion. 

Next time you're in Morrisons, Waitrose or Tesco, why not grab a pot of Chobani and see what you can add it to? Prices start from 89p... bargain.