Month in Pictures: September 2013

Where did September go?! It only seems like yesterday I was doing a round up of what I got done in August (not a lot!) I promised myself last month I'd do 3 things: head to more craft fairs, organise the Brighton Bitch & Stitch , and 'cook up a rainbow storm in the kitchen' (and when I say 'storm', take that literally - see my last post.... #facepalm) Glad to say I did all this and more. Keep an eye out for a post on our Bitch & Stitch meetup last night - it was so much fun!

Brighton Color run. Didn't take part, but had to head down to snap the streets

Pumpkin spice latte hit the stores! Only a few weeks til crimbo flavours, wooooot

Yoda has got so big and strong. He now has 5 mini succulents all around him and is about to upsize to a new home!

Myself and Neil finally paid a visit to Marmalade right by his house, go checks the photos and get ready to salivate.

I nabbed me a super cute prezzie from the lovely folks at Selfridges :) best. day. ever.

I got to meet some really lovely Brighton bloggers, made a bit of a tit out of myself and was wined & dined by the team at Chobani

....and I waved goodbye to the summer months in style. By eating my weight in food.

October is already lining up to be a good one. There are a few PR events on the cards with the fab Brighton bloggers and I've taken the biggest plunge of my life by grabbing my very first few driving lessons. Yep. If you're within a 10 mile radius of Brighton centre and come across a crazy, frizzy haired learner driver with a terrified look on her face motoring through some back streets, steer clear. You've been warned! I hope I don't cause accidents :| 

Wish me luck!