Scotland 2013: Forest Holidays

OKAY so it's been six months since we got back, but as my blogaroo wasn't around then, I thought I'd share some photos from the trip now, to whet your appetite for the wintery bad weather ahead. Is it just me who enjoys the cold outdoors?

We first ventured through the celtic cobbled backstreets of Edinburgh for a long weekend of music, food and sight-seeing last May, before driving out  to Strathyre forest. The backs of beyond. No signal, no internet and no technology interruptions, bar the beeping of the car alarm when someone's not got their seatbelt on. It was heaven.

We stayed with Forest holidays. A bunch of remote self catering cabins in the middle of nowhere about an hour west of Edinburgh airport. With a private hot tub on the decking, the view of mountains all around us and nothing but forestry separating us from the neighbouring huts, it was the most idyllic place to spend time with loved ones, even with the eery noises coming from the woods late at night. 

I don't think anything will beat the super-cliched hot tub sessions under the stars (Eurgh. I'm cringing just writing that.)

When can we go back Neil?! (oh and thanks for your amazing photos)

I want to ask you something. Whereabouts have you been recently that might make a nice holiday away? I'm looking to book somewhere for next year, to have something to look forward to, but don't know where to start. Help me with ideas :)