Happy (almost) halloween! Who needs to dress up?!

Caitlin Moran wannabe (everything's from Topshop, boots from Aldo)

Barry M Tangerine polish £2.99 Superdrug
Black Models Own Wah Nails pen £6 Boots

Wooooo. It's halloween really soon. Me being the lazy girl I am, I can never be bothered to go the whole sha-bang and do full on fancy dress. I tell myself every year that I'll make an effort well in advance, to grab a few bargains on eBay and hit up the nearest fancy dress party - but some things just never change. (Does any one else procrastinate about having fun? Ha)

In a bid to not be a complete party pooper, I usually do lame 'accent' touches to celebrate special times of the year (like...  choosing to wear a green hair band for St. Paddy's Day or something OUTRAGEOUS like that). This year for halloween, I drew pumpkins on my nails. 

I have way too much time on my hands.