Home made apple & blackberry pie fresh from the apple tree!

YUP. I've gone all Delia Smith on your asses and baked my very first apple and blackberry pie. I took a wee visit to my Nan's house in Brighton the other week and spied her apple tree in full bloom. The thrifty side of me jumped at the opportunity to pick some apples to make a fruit salad or somethin' exotic like that, but with the cold weather creeping in, I thought it was more autumnal to cook up my very own shortcrust pastry and filling - something my inner granny has been dying to try out.

Me, Neil & his housemates ate it fresh from the oven after a roast dinner last Sunday and served it up with Ben & Jerry's cookie dough ice cream - yeeeeah, the best accompaniment for any dessert. Someone please tell Neil to marry me quick. I'm about to make someone the best housewife ;) (he'll kill me for writing that).

Pretty damn proud of this though, and I think his housemate guinea pigs were too :)

 Salivation-central. Drop me an email if you want the recipe ;)