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Fifi McGee: A Brighton lifestyle baking and beauty blog

New feature alert. 

It's always envied and amazed me meeting those kinda people who effortlessly balance work, family, friends, hobbies and freelancing into one day. We all have those friends who excel at getting shit done. We think we're good at multi tasking, then we're made look lazy by the list of things your friend has ticked off since your last coffee together. Like as if it's a competition? Okay it totally is. sssh.

Since beginning this blog about 4 months ago (oh doesn't time fly when you're busy writing about yourself?) I've become more and more amazed at how much bloggers cram into one day. Alongside sourcing ideas, photographing, writing, researching and scheduling posts, most of my favourite bloggers have families to take care of, full time jobs, relationships to nourish, weddings to plan, and errands to run. Heck, some of you even run your own online shops too. And it doesn't stop there. Keeping up a consistent online presence takes up a lot of time and creative juice. I don't see where you get time to breathe.

Twitter is my source for ideas. After speaking with lots of you about blog organisation and scheduling, I've approached some busy bloggers for a chat to share their tips of the trade. Over the next few months I'll be sharing the techniques of some of my favourite bloggers in the hope that we can learn a thing or two from their approach to organisation.

To launch the feature, I was delighted to chat with Helen, who blogs over at Helen runs a UK fashion & beauty blog, piecing together the most beautiful outfit posts almost every day to inspire her readers. Helen's passion for style and beauty is the reason behind her huge, loyal following. She's a really dedicated blogger and it shows in her consistent posts. Here's how she juggles it all...

Fifi McGee: A Brighton lifestyle baking and beauty blog

Tell me a bit about you! When & how did you come to start the lovecats inc and what do you do aside from blogging?

I started my blog as a result of reading a lot of them myself and assuming it wouldn't be hard to start my own. I originally used to share what I had been buying, things I liked and more fashion review based posts for about a year (not really getting anywhere in the process) before I started taking it seriously. Sooo, as of May 2012, I got my act together and started taking outfit photos and including beauty and well, that's how I've continued ever since. Aside from blogging, I completed my Magazine Journalism degree and now work in high end retail, whilst figuring out what I actually want to do with my life. 

What are the main themes of your blog?

I would say it's a 60/40 split of fashion and beauty. I'd love to include more lifestyle posts but I wouldn't know where to start, so really admire lifestyle bloggers as I still feel like a prat getting my camera out in public. I do love sharing my personal style, not like I think I'm particularly stylish but more along the lines that my readers totally justify my purchases and make me feel better about my bank balance. As for the beauty side of things, I think reading other beauty blogs has made my skin 10x better than it used to be, so I like sharing what's helped in the hopes that it may help someone else :)
How do you plan posts and keep them so consistent? 

Working long shifts and often full times hours means I tend to get things done in bulk on my days off. If I have a selection of beauty products to review, I'll take all the photos at once so I know I've got enough posts for the next week or so. Outfit posts are a little trickier, especially as it's getting darker, so I'll take a few snaps in a row if I know I'm gonna wear that outfit later in the week. Or I'll drag my butt out of bed earlier... (this doesn't happen very often)

Do you use any tools, apps or planner to help keep a good level of content?

I don't use anything specific, other than writing a little note in my phone of the things I need to blog about. I'll then look at the types of posts they are and think about content I need to create inbetween those posts, as this helps for a good mix!
What's your single piece of advice for balancing a blog, job and social life?

Don't feel guilty if you can't blog - life and work can get in the way and no one is going to make you feel bad if you don't post every single day. Unless you earn a pretty substantial wage from your blog, it can take a backseat sometimes. Plus, having a day off every once in a while is good for helping keep your blog fresh so your content doesn't end up stale.

Follow Helen's blog for sleek, feminine fashion posts (high budget looks at high street prices!) you'll love her honest beauty reviews/tips and clear, beautiful photography. GO GO GO!