The perfect lipstick for chapped lips: Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy

Behold! The new Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy lippy, exclusive to Selfridges til October, has officially made its way into my make up bag for Autumn/Winter. It's my prize possession. The nicest (and definitely the most expensive) lipstick I've ever owned, hands down. But like all beauty prods it has pros and cons. 

Let's begin with the pros, seeing as there's a helluva lot of them.
  • The packaging - bit of an odd one to begin with but the blood red bottle completely won me over. Firstly it has the most precious magnetic lock. No more flinging your lippy into your bag only for the lid to come off and go everywhere. Secondly, red accessories are really striking - no losing it amongst the mountain of makeup, and thirdly, I love expensive lipstick cases that are quite weighty (I'm weird) A heavier lipstick always seems much better quality.
  • It's a dream for chapped lips. A lot of people avoid strong colours if they have dry lips, but this has a creamy, satin finish that locks in moisture.
  • Rouge Ecstasy comes in 30+ different colours from bold and sophisticated reds and purples as well as a selection of beige and browns.
  • Application is quick and easy - only one or two coats and you're good to go - the colour is quite pigmented and precision ain't too bad either.
And the cons (there ain't many!):
  • The price tag made me palpitate a bit but it's perfect for a pay day treat or a gift for your bezzie. I'd say it's worth every penny but I'd need to see how long the whole thing lasts as the stick seems a bit shorter than other products.
  • Although it is a lipstick-lipbalm hybrid, the application doesn't work the best on flakey lips so to prevent any unsightly clumps before a night on the town, exfoliate your lips first (Reve de Miel is the perfect lip base for this)
What do you reckon? 

Apols for the obligatory selfie. I've never quite got along with hand swatches in reviews so thought I would subject you all to my chops wearing it!

Cheap lipsticks or more upmarket? Do you notice the difference?