#BEDN 10 things you should do for instant happiness

#BEDN round 4 and I'm already feeling a bit nauseous. What if I miss a day and don't post? Readers will think I fail at life. If you have no idea what I'm harping on about, read this.

I grabbed the theme from the blogvember calendar today, '10 things...' I figured I'd write a bit more about what 10 things I do to instantly cheer myself up - no matter how perfect bloggers lives may seem, we all have our fair share of crap days (some more than others, take this morning for example, a car came zooming round the corner splashing a puddle at me with such impact, some went into mouth. This is my life.)

Here are a few instant pick me ups I live by. Hope you get some happy inspo from it all if you've got a bit of SAD at the mo.

1) Eat a milky way. And if you want to be really happy, make them milky way crispy rolls.

2) Catch the bus to your nearest boots store and take full advantage of whatever skincare/makeup offer they have going on. Retail therapy WORKS ok.

3) Spoon your cat.

4) Upon ticking box number 2, go home and rip open everything you bought, show your ma, try it on, brag about how much you saved then give it a special space in your room so you don't forget to use it ever again (like the rest of your stash.)

5) Crack open a bottle of red because after all, researchers say red wine is good for you *insert said academic paper here*

6) Turn your phone off. Instant relief. See?

7) Watch an episode (or five) of Girls. Hooked.

8) Take a photo of yourself looking sad and depressed. It scares me shitless knowing people have seen me like this in real life so I fake smile for the rest of the day.

9) Similarly, smile and your brain will think you're happy. (It makes me want to punch someone when people tell me this whilst I'm wallowing but I guess it kinda works.)

10) Go take a walk. Get some fresh air. And if you see a cat on the way, stop and stroke him. Studies show that stroking cats has a very calming effect on life.

Hope you likey!

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