My modelling career has lifted off

The new face of Brighton Bier is in the building people, autographs later. I'm both shocked and delighted my mug shot has made it onto the homepage of Brighton Bier's new site. Is this the beginning of my beer modelling career I hear you cry?

Likely not. Although if anyone is crazy enough to  need a beer-lovin, questionable alcoholic to model their stuff, I'm your girl. In all seriousness though, I'm not a massive beer drinker, but I gotta say, Brighton Bier's south coast IPA is a pretty good choice for the ladies. 

If you're pubbing in Brighton any time soon and fancy upon a Brighton Bier, you'll have made a wise choice choosing them. I'm pretty sure they're selling in Hand in Hand up in Kemptown, and are expanding as I type but ask the guys on twitter for more info, they're a lovely bunch.

Just a side note, me & Neil were crazy hungover one Sunday back in summer. We took a trip to the Brighton food festival on New Road to eat our way out of the hangover and ended up ditching the food idea for a few pints of Brighton Bier (hair o' the dog an all). I became a fan of their branded cups and forced Neil to take the best of 32 photos of me with the cup which ended up in the hands of the brewers :)

One step closer to my dream of becoming a Brighton celebrity :D

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