2 tea stockists I love... and you will too

Fifi McGee: Tea stockists you need to try

As cliché as it sounds, I love a good cup of tea (everyones twitter handles seem to proclaim the same thing these days) and not just the breakfast variety either. I'm forever instagramming obligatory cup shots, showing off my brews - so for today's 'Blogging every day in November' post, I thought I'd introduce two of my old faithful Tea companies you might fancy checking out.

For years I've always turned my nose up at tea snobs (mainly after taking my first sip of green tea and recoiling) but in my ripe old age of 22, I've joined the tea parade and love 'em all, along with the various health benefits they can have; from peppermint to lemon and ginger.

Having different tea boxes can take up stacks of room in the cupboard so I've actually created an empty jam jar to pile different flavours into one place. It looks kinda cute. Every time I go to make a cuppa it's like a lucky dip. Variety is the spice of life so they say, eh?

On to my favourite stockists.

The first is JING tea.

I'm fairly new to this brand, but their organic medley of asian teas have a really different taste to them. I've tried their Jasmine Silver Needle, which tastes like the tea I imagine everyone from Little House on the Prairie drink. Comforting, floral and outdoorsy. The tea bags are really pretty looking too, releasing the aromas to their full potential. I'm a big fan of relaxation teas, and Jasmine Silver Needle is no exception. I've already placed an order for more varieties - Moroccan Mint & Peppermint Leaf. Yay.

Fifi McGee: Tea stockists you need to try

The second is Higher Living

I've spoke about Higher Living teas before on the blog. I have a slight obsession with buying a different flavour every time I pop into Infinity Foods (a local organic & fairtrade grocery shop here in Brighton). The packaging gets me every time, I'm like a magpie. My all time favourite tea is their chamomile range. I began buying it after reading that it eases panic attacks and staves off break outs. So far so good. I can't recommend their tea enough. 

Are you guys devout tea drinkers? What are your favourites?

I'm doing something crazy. I'm blogging every day in November (or trying to!) Follow me to see what else is in store throughout the next few weeks.