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I've never been so excited to sit down, mug of tea in hand, and write a post. This particular post is a pretty special one. The idea for the feature was born from the exchange of some truly hilarious emails, tweets, countless plans to meet (and take over the world) and it's even thrown me back into good ol' fashioned penpal-ship. Yep, posting pen-to-paper letters. I'll get onto that in a sec.

Let me give you a bit of background first.

I first met Sal on twitter. Sally's an absolute gem with words; her writing captivated me from the word go, see for yourself on her blog The Café Cat, where she documents her tea and travelling affairs that's enough to make you wish you had a life like hers (my favourite kinda blog, escapism at its finest).

Here's the lady herself, looking beauts m'toots!

Fifi McGee // a brighton blog of beauty, baking and fun

I was clicking around my follower list when up popped a friendly face and something compelled me to chat with her. I'm convinced we both sent each other a hello tweet simultaneously, so it MUST mean we're soul mates.

Since our very first ramblings, we've become e-inseparable. I find myself refreshing my email feed every 20 minutes like an excited puppy hoping Sally has emailed me yet more banter about her crazy love life and hilarious anecdotes of her well-travelled past. We're literally blogger soul mates.

I put together a few questions I knew you'd all have a burning desire to ask Sally herself, take it away Sal.

Wha's your name and where d'ya come from? *cilla black style*

Oh hi, my name is Sally and while I come from the Berkshire/Surrey border, I like to think of my home as Kent because that’s where I feel myself- that’s where everybody knows my name, a bit like ‘Cheers’.

Tell everyone about your blog and your love for writing. 

I started my blog back in 2009 when I was living in a small city in the west of Spain by myself. I had plans to travel around and review cafés in story-style articles but the national buses went on strike for two whole months and so it became an erratic, ever-developing document of my life, with café stories peppered throughout.

What's the coolest thing you've ever done?

An old love of mine and I rode his motorcycle from Barcelona, through the Pyrenees, up to Paris and across to Kent a few summers ago. We whizzed through little towns, stopped to sleep on the side of the road, dined in Paris and made it back in time for a beautiful English sunset over the channel.

What are your thoughts on Craig David

That’s such a toughie really, isn’t it?  But it’s funny you ask since I have had the lyrics to ‘Walking Away’ stuck in my head for about a month now- can you read my mind, Fifi?

Describe what you would do if you suddenly became swarmed by paparazzi

Try to remain calm, answer a few questions as gracefully as possible (unlikely) and make my way to peaceful safety!

If you could live anywhere in the world, with anyone you want where would you escape to? 

I’d take my beautiful blue-eyed boy to St. Petersburg where we would take a camera, a suitcase full of books and spend our time drinking coffee, reading, writing and wandering. We’d live in the city for a year so we could see all the seasons before working our way back to Europe, each year and city at a time.

What's your favourite thing to do when you have a week off work? 

The same as above! I’d wander from place to place with my notebook, scribbling down thoughts as they came to me, meeting with friends here and there but generally just spending time with myself and the streets.

Isn't she a babe? We've taken our online relationship to a whole other level by exchanging trinkets in the post this halloween. Nothing excites me more than writing a letter never mind receiving one, and just look at the collection of witty bits and pieces Sally picked up for me in her travels across London. It makes me love her even more.

Fifi McGee // a brighton blog of beauty, baking and fun

Fifi McGee // a brighton blog of beauty, baking and fun

I think you'll agree when I say, it's really not often you meet people, online or off, that you really gel with from the word go. And so, in true catfish* fashion, no online affair can continue without plans to one day meet in the future. Boy, do we have plans.

Sally lives but a stones throw away from Central London so I'm hopping on a train to meet her in person at the end of November, and no doubt I'll be whisking her down the stoney shores of Brighton very soon to play on the 2p machines along the pier. Of course, we'll be documenting our wild and wonderful shenanigans on both of our blogs.

Make sure you follow Sally on all social media you can - links below. This girl has such a delightful way with words, you'll fall in love with her charm.

Just don't go stealing her away from me...

Fifi McGee // a brighton blog of beauty, baking and fun

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*If you haven't watched catfish, you need to see it. I fully forgive you for leaving this page in a bid to franticly download. Let's just hope Sally doesn't think I'm a pervish middle aged man behind all the fifi-mcgee blogging... Can't wait to meet ya Sal!