Bye, 2013! Hello, year of productivity

Looking back on what I've achieved and failed at over the year is one of my favourite things to do around this time. New Year's Eve is tomorrow, and I'm gobsmacked that we'll be writing 2014 on the end of dates so soon; I'm still not comfortable saying it's 2013. The years are fleeting past us too quickly. 

Here are a few things I'm thankful for over the last year. I can safely say it's been a productive year of firsts, and I've learned so much about myself and the way I like to work, in the last few months especially. 

I don't usually write such personal posts so feel free to glaze over this and I'll be back on the ol' events/reviews bandwagon come the new year!

I secured my very first full time position in the big "bad" world of work (and realised careers are totally NOT as de-personalising as people make out - instead, challenging, educational, motivational and at times, hilarious.)

I won £25 on the lotto! Matched 4 numbers and almost had heart failure.

I got to experience my very first festival. Glastonbury, the Godfather of all festos.

Myself and Neil saw the most beautiful sights in the UK (if not the world?) up there in Scotland. We spent a week in Edinburgh and Strathyre, taking photos of old men in kilts, various whiskey paraphernalia, lochs, stars and selfies.

I proposed to Josh Widdecombe (lols, story for another time) 

I made a big(ish) dent financially into my savings for the deposit for a flat. More on this in the New year ;) and paid off my whole student overdraft. 

I gave up McDonalds as a New Year's resolution, and lasted the best part of 2 months. Accomplishment? I think so. 

I lowered my carbon footprint significantly (and saved hell loads of cash) by walking to and from work, home, friend's houses instead of taking public transport. 

I finally got myself a pair of glasses. After a year and a half of procrastination, never finding the right pair, nor wanting to splash the cash, I grabbed some of these bad boys

And lastly, I started this blog. The biggest step of the whole year by far, for me. I used to read countless blog posts from all of you beauty and fashion bloggers pining for my own one day, then bam. I said to myself it was now or never, so I built my own. It's been such a fun journey contributing to this, for SO many reasons:
  • I got to meet a bunch of amazing people, Brighton bloggers, business owners, PR folks and of course my wonderful Sally
  • I've steadily learnt a bunch of SEO and HTML, "google crawler stuff" that'll help me get on the right track for a career in marketing
  • I learned what makes me productive in writing posts, how to (vaguely) pay attention to layout of content, analytics, design, whilst crafting posts... all brilliant practice for my career
  • I found myself becoming an avid baker and visited lots of different tea shops and events around our city with Neil, papping as we go
  • I worked with a few different bloggers and companies to publish some freelance writing and spread the word of FifiMcGee (pa ha ha)
  • I've never been so pampered in all my life, I had my first hot rock massage, my first manicure, I hand modelled for My Salon Looks, I've been gifted some really amazing products to review and finally,
  • I've met some of the most WONDERFUL readers of this blog :)
Here's to an even better, more productive 2014. I have a list of about 40 New Year's resolutions I want to share with you. So watch out for that.

And if you have any round up posts, leave a link in the comments! I'd love to read them :)

Happy New Year folks!