5 cheap things to do in Brighton this Christmas

Snowy Brighton // things to do in December

Yep, that's me on a trek around Brighton for hills to sledge down when it snowed last year. Not doing very well, am I?

This Christmas, I'm vowing to be more active in all the festive winter shenanigans going on around Brighton. I've had tonnes of ideas for festive things to see and do either by yourself, with friends, or with the little ones, and in the run up to Christmas, the cheaper the better. 

My festive social streak began last weekend, when Neil and I popped along to The Patch Winter Warmer in Hanover (some stunning photos on their way) where we welcomed the start of advent with mulled wine and home made mince pies over a bonfire. Hello December!

So here are some things on the cheap, that I'll be pencilling in my diary for the next few weeks. 

1) Beach Hut Advent Calendar Everyday 5.30pm-6.30pm until Christmas Day. 

I was both shocked and gutted when I heard this event has happened every year since 2006 and I've never even been. For every day of advent, one beach hut along the Hove promenade opens up to reveal a festive display as part of a gigantic seafront advent calendar. I plan to pack a few flasks of mulled wine and a lunchbox of mince pies one weekend for a nosey. Totally free, and totally festive :)

2) Belle's Christmas Vintage & Maker's Bazaar Saturday 14th December 11am-4pm, Brighton Centre.

Having been along to plenty of vintage fairs last summer, and failing to find anything I could truly cherish I'm ecstatic that Belle's are organising a Christmas special vintage fair. Ok so it's meant to be a haven for the weird & wonderful gifts we should all be on the search for, but where's the harm in treating yourself to a bit of arm candy, or another thick jumper? At only £1 entry, it promises to be a more festive alternative to the manic Churchill Sq. and a lil dickie bird tells me there's a pop up tea shop. See ya there. 

3) Festive night in

Yes you can get all Christmassy and sociable without even leaving the house or spending a fortune. Recent studies have shown that more and more women are choosing a night in over shivering en route to a gathering. The answer to all your prayers? Downloading Elf, bottle of mulled wine, a selection box each and a room full of your favourite people. Christmas is about to being with your nearest and dearest after all.

4) Burning the clocks Saturday 21st December 6.30pm, Madeira Drive end of the sea front

In case you weren't aware, 21st December marks the shortest day of the year (and what should have been the first anniversary since the end of the world... we all forgot about the Mayan prophecies, didn't we?) Hooray for us still being alive a year on. Every year, there's a parade of lanterns through the city to celebrate the solstice, ending in the biggest bonfire you'll ever see at the beach, alongside one of the most impressive (and totally free) fireworks displays. It's busy, but it really is unmissable. 

5) Santa Dash Saturday 7th December 10.30am-12.30pm, Hove Lawns

Now this promises some epic photographs. The Santa Dash is an annual 5km run raising money for charity, where EVERYONE partaking dresses up as Santa himself. Not sure how children will feel seeing 40 dozen Santas running towards them (no doubt with beers in hand) but it's definitely a hilarious way to kick off a weekend, even if you are just spectating. 

Can't wait to get all involved and Christmassy :)

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