How to survive the January blues: Health and Beauty edit

How to survive the January blues // Health & Beauty Edit

Are you back into your regular routine following the Christmas period yet? January is renowned for being the most depressing time of the year. We're back at work after festive family fun, our bank balances have seen happier days given all the present buying and sales shopping, and our outlooks for the year ahead are never usually the most positive following two weeks of alcohol and enough chocolate and junk food to feed a baby seal.

I've put together a series of posts for January to help pull you through the blue times, in the hope we'll come out the other end together, hugging and congratulating one another for surviving the most depressing time of the year without shedding a measly tear!

This first post is the Health and Beauty edit, where I suggest a few ways we can cheer ourselves up with cosmetics and healthier living. Have a read, there might be one thing you could do to make your days a bit chirpier, and stay tuned for my 'work' and 'money' edit in the weeks to come :)

How to survive the January blues // Health & Beauty Edit

Put on a bright lipstick. Go on, do it now.

We hear all these scientists harping on, telling us to 'smile and your brain will think you're happy' - well I have a similar theory that doesn't result in you painfully stretching your cheeks when you're plodding along the street alone. Smiling to yourself because a scientist told you makes passers by think there's a chip loose somewhere, so instead I propose wearing a really popping colour on your lips to instantly lift your mood :) Have you ever seen a woman wearing a killer bright lipstick feeling sorry for themselves? I think not. This works, case closed ;)

Opt for herbal

I've spent hours reading all of your New Year's resolution goal setting posts for 2014, getting really pumped for the year. I particularly loved Laura's post on Chambray & Curls, but so many of you are deciding to take the plunge this 2014 and cut back on caffeine intake (myself included). It's meant to be risky on the ol' blood pressure drinking too much, so from here on out I'll be opting for more herbal teas like Camomile, Peppermint and Honey & Lemon. All with added health benefits and packed with variety to spice up your day... Get t'supermarket right away!


Before you think I've turned all hippy dippy on you, I've done a bit of research and read all the incredible results meditation can have on your general performance in work and life affairs, so don't laugh. Did you know just a few minutes of meditation every night can improve your concentration by twofold the next day? It's also a hugely positive way to detach yourself from the little things that are bothering you, whether it's the stress of being back at work, having no cash after Christmas or just generally feeling uninspired. I've stolen a book from Neil, Mindfulness: a practical guide for finding peace in a frantic world and January is already looking more positive the more I read it. We've started meditating for new year and we give it a big thumbs up.

How to survive the January blues // Health & Beauty Edit

Detox your hair and skin

After the bouts of stormy weather we've had here in the South, my hair looks like an even scruffier birds nest and my skin's looking dull and spotty from the Christmas feeds. A recipe for January depression, isn't it! I plan to spend a night a week using deep conditioning Argan oil on my ends to slowly bring my hair back to better condition. This Phil Smith Total Treat Argan Oil is already doing the trick without breaking the bank. I think this is about £3 from Sainsburys. Aside from that, look on the bright side and try to see January as an opportunity to get experimenting with all your skincare gifts you got for Christmas. I can't wait to delve into my Peaches & Clean Soap and Glory cleanser that came with my beloved Yule Monty gift set.

Walk wherever you can

Scientists also say vitamin D is really great for boosting happiness levels. This one I completely agree with; the minute you get outside into the open air, watch the contentment swarm in. Last year I made a resolution to use public transport as little as possible, to save on money and get me walking everywhere (I can't drive). So I've walked to and from work ever since, about 40 minutes each way, every week day. It's been great for so many reasons; regular exercise lifts mood, it's totally free, and it also provides an hour or so out of your day where you can contemplate everything you need to get done for the day, or brainstorm what you can write next on your blog. I love it. Try it.

What kind of ways are you staving off the January blues?

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