How to survive the January blues: Work edit

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Hoorah! We're all settled back into the routine 9 to 5 after the Christmas festivities :) is anyone else leaping for joy?

Just me then.

I genuinely love being in full time work (is that crazy?) What's there to complain about when you have cups of tea on tap, a nice warm cosy office and as much internet as the eye can see, eh?

Seriously though, I'm definitely one of the lucky ones. According to Google over 70% of workers hate their jobs, and following family fun during the festive period, the mountain of debt people have gotten themselves in with present buying and sales shopping combined with an unhealthy diet, I bet that figure nears the 80% mark come January.

Last week I wrote about How to survive the January blues: the health & beauty edit, and this week I'm sharing ideas on how to beat the January slump at work, in the hope we'll come out the other end hugging and congratulating one another for surviving the most depressing time of the year without shedding a measly tear!

Have a quick look, you might find one or two things you can do to make your 9 to 5 that bit more chirpy in the so-called 'most depressing month of the year'.

Get organised with some killer apps 

The words "Trello is my life" is probably the most over-used phrase that's come out of 2013 for me. Do you ever find yourself making lists of all the lists you need to make? My desk used to be crammed with odd scraps of paper flying all over the show, with all my jobs for the day on, until I set up a trello account and it changed my life (and saves the planet). It's an organisational app, really simple to use that has a very satisfying way of making you want to tick off everything on your to do list asap. It's my most loved app on my phone. Think I'm crazy? Try it for a day and you'll be running back thanking me.

Fifi McGee: Working towards my dream home

Switch up your desktop wallpaper to your dream home (or whatever you're saving for)

Do you recognise that house up there? Yep. It's Iris' cottage in The Holiday. Myself and Neil are locking down on all unnecessary spending during 2014 so we can make that all important first step onto the property ladder. When pay slips come in, all I want to do is hit up The Whitepepper and/or Topshop but hopefully having this image pop up on my desktop will curb my overspending. Obviously we're years away from a detached cottage in the country but it's okay to dream right? Having something visual to work towards is such an inspiring start to the day. You should try it. Rosie from Everything's Rosie gave me the idea for this. She has a picture of herself relaxing on a beach whilst she saves for a holiday :) nice idea, isn't it? What would you have?

Pledge to stay hydrated throughout the day

You know my love for herbal tea. It's been featured in 50% of all posts I write along this vein. Swap caffeinated drinks for herbal cuppas and you'll see a vast improvement in mood and concentration. Guaranteed. Don't believe me? Try it for 2 weeks. Alternatively, set a pop up reminder on your phone or computer every 2 hours telling yourself to grab a pint of water.

Dot your desk with nice products

Typing is thirsty work y'know. It would be a crime to let your hands go all dry from your hard work. I say buy that overpriced hand cream you love the smell of and keep it on your desk to lift your spirits during the after-lunch slump.

Surviving the January blues: Invest in the perfect diary

Invest in the perfect diary

Whatever brand it is you love, whichever colour is your favourite, however much it costs, a good diary with the perfect layout for you is well worth the cash and the time spent choosing. There's nothing quite like having a calendar layout right in front of you instead of making our whole lives digital when you're working to deadlines. What's better, is looking around for one with a good enough layout that you can include blog, work and social plans all in one. Lucky mine only cost 60p!

Stock up on healthy snacks

Grazing on healthy foods like fruit, nuts and raisins (of the non-chocolate variety!) throughout the day is a great way to keep your energy levels up and your mind better able to concentrate. If all this mullarkey about eating 5 a day is really worth the hype, we better take every opportunity we get, so before you leave the house in the morning, don't forget your satsumas.

Get some fresh air

When you're feeling a bit uninspired, can't concentrate and become easily distracted, try walking away for a while and coming back to your work after a quick break. Okay you may not be as lucky as me where if you need a bit of fresh air you can up and leave without anyone batting as much as an eyelid, but whenever you get the chance to walk around in the outdoors, take it. A nice dollop of vitamin D on your break before the darkness hits at 4pm might be just what you need to return to your work with a different outlook.

What ways are you staving off the January blues at work?

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