How to be a productive blogger || Featuring Terri Lowe

How to be a productive blogger ››

It's always envied and amazed me meeting those kinda people who effortlessly balance work, family, friends, hobbies and freelancing into one day. We all have those friends who excel at getting shit done. We think we're good at multi tasking, then we're made look lazy by the list of things your friend has ticked off since your last coffee together. Like as if it's a competition? Okay it totally is. sssh.

I've become more and more amazed at how much bloggers cram into one day. Alongside sourcing ideas, photographing, writing, researching and scheduling posts, most of my favourite bloggers have families to take care of, full time jobs, relationships to nourish, weddings to plan, and errands to run. Heck, some of you even run your own online shops too. And it doesn't stop there. Keeping up a consistent online presence takes up a lot of time and creative juice. I don't see where you get time to breathe.

After speaking with lots of you about blog organisation and scheduling, I've approached some busy bloggers for a chat to share their tips of the trade. Over the next few months I'll be sharing the techniques of some of my favourite bloggers in the hope that we can learn a thing or two from their approach to organisation.

Introducing my second featured blogger/busy bee, Terri from Hello Terri Lowe. I've been a regular reader of Terri's witty shenanigans for quite some time now, and find her blog to be one of honesty, inspiration and sheer hilarity! Terri juggles a career in Digital Marketing alongside a successful blog, family, friends and other social affairs. I caught up with her to hear more about her organisational wizardry! 

Look at what a beaut she is!

How to be a productive blogger ft. Terri Lowe ››

Tell me a bit about you! When & how did you come to start Hello Terri Lowe and what do you do aside from blogging?

Hello! My blog was born on and off at Uni. I'm a craft and design graduate so it was initially started to gauge my progress when making my pieces on my course! Then when I left I realised I was eating out almost every day and I started blogging 'properly' to do some food reviews and the like... But then the post grad pot of money ran dry and I turned to the ol' beauty and lifestyle shindig... Eventually this evolved like a pokémon into what it is today, which combines a little bit of everything. In the real world I work in ecommerce and digital marketing for a shoe company called Mozimo

What are the main themes of your blog?

As I said, it's a little bit of everything but predominantly you will find beauty and fashion posts. This is just because that's what I seem to hoard the most of. I also make sure all my posts are written honestly yet slightly erm, diplomatic. If something is a stinky poo poo product I will let you know, but also let you know why!

How do you plan posts and keep them so consistent? 

In my old job I could easily pop a post out on my lunch break daily. Since starting my new job a few months ago though, it's been so hectic I barely get a lunch break! Now I *try* to keep an hour aside on Sundays for photo's whilst it's light and then post around 3-4 blog posts a week if I can find the time! I'm trying to create more of a schedule, but I'm just soooo tiredddd sometimes, hahaa.

Do you ever feel writers block, and if so what kinda stuff do you do to be more inspired?

Not particularly. I never sit down and think RIGHT I'm going to blog about THIS and I want to say THIS because I NEED to post today. I just blog as and when it pops in to my head (if I'm at home by a computer and my internet works, of course). I think the main way to keep writers block at bay is by eradicating the pressure to blog to please others. Just please yourself. If it's not fun, don't do it!

What kind of tools, apps or calendar's do you use to help keep a good level of content?

Oh gosssshhhh. None at the moment I'm ashamed to admit. But since getting my iPad I'm looking for apps and ways to get more organised. It's never been my strong point so my resolution for this year is to finally sort my life out.

What's your single piece of advice for balancing a blog, job and social/family life?

Just don't take it too seriously! That goes for all of the above. Everything in moderation and try to only do things you enjoy. That's as simple as it gets really! Don't sacrifice one for the other though. Always nice to half ass everything rather than just one thing ;)

Do you have any tips for any bloggers to promote their posts time-efficiently? 

Once again, just try not to feel pressured and force it. Some of my most popular posts are ones which are written off the cuff and unplanned. 

Thanks for sharing Terri. Now get your paws clicking around her corner of the web (Hello Terri Lowe) and give this girl a follow :)

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