Handcare 101: Tips for taking care of your hands in winter months

In case you didn't know, I'm awaiting my *big break* in hand modelling, wishing my mitts will one day earn me millions whilst I pose with a mobile phone in hand for some crappy tube advert. I know what you're thinking, I might be waiting a while so in the mean time, I take pride in my meticulous hand care and here I am sharing with you some products I'm loving at the mo, and ways you can look after your paws in this treacherous weather.

Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder

Okay, the most obvious (yet essential) thing you can do for your hands in this blowy weather is to moisturise 'til your heart's content. This Absinthe Purifying Hand Butter (£11 c/o The Body Shop) is a bundle of menthol-joy. It's thick, minty and smothering-ly moisturising, leaving it perfect for keeping wrinkles at bay and the skin soft and supple. This is probably one I'd use as a weekly treat. It's heavy and can leave hands feeling quite greasy (a recipe for typo disaster) but a great all rounder, and also works wonders on the feet!

Say goodbye to OPI

As tricky as it might seem, my theory is that it's really good for your nails to let them breathe a while. Strip away all the fancy polishes and embrace the au natural! Fake nails are my pet hate too, purely down to the damage they do once the acetone has sunk deep. I've never once used fakies (in part because I'm petrified of them ruining my nail beds foreverrr... or so people say) and I think it's worked wonders for how fast and strong my nails grow. It's a good idea to occasionally use cuticle oil if you're prone to brittleness and breakages.

WTF is a nail brush for anyway?

Don't diss the nail brush yeah! They might seem a bit ancient and not so much an essential these days, but nail brushes are the secret to keeping hands (and particularly skin around the nails) looking neat, clean and tidy. Is it just me who uses excessive amounts of nail polish remover on painted nails, and STILL the colour seems to stain the skin around my cuticles? Nail brushes get rid of this, whilst tidying up all those rough edges of skin around cuticles. If you use warm, soapy water and a nail brush for cleaning all the edges after removing a manicure, you'll never live without a nail brush again. This one (c/o The Body Shop £4) is soft and easy to use.

What tips and tricks do you have for taking care of your paws? Do you bother?

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