How to be a productive blogger || Featuring Miss Jojangles

I've become more and more amazed at how much bloggers cram into one day. Alongside sourcing ideas, photographing, writing, researching and scheduling posts, most of my favourite bloggers have families to take care of, full time jobs, relationships to nourish, weddings to plan, and errands to run. Heck, some of you even run your own online shops too. And it doesn't stop there. Keeping up a consistent online presence takes up a lot of time and creative juice. I don't see where you get time to breathe.

I'm on a mission to chat with some of the most productive bloggers out there for tips and tricks into how they juggle their time so effortlessly, and still produce killer content :)

This is my third in the series, and this month I've been chatting to the enviably talented Jojo from Miss Jojangles. Jojo is one of my favourite (if not THE favourite) crafts blogger around. I've been hooked on her blog for the past few months since hearing her catchy blog title whilst voting in the cosmo blog awards. I clicked around Miss Jojangles and it was love at first stitch! One of my favourite posts has got to be her tutorial in how to create a messy bun. Jojo effortlessly writes a whole mixture of beauty, crafts, blog organisation and easy DIYs, it's an inspiring corner of the web!

And here she is, what a little cutie.

Before I let Jojo chat about her tricks of the trade, did you know she has an exceptional skill in illustrating? As if I wasn't running around the house squealing enough that she was happy to do this feature, when Jojo sent her answers over via email.... she sent an illustration of ME over alongside. WOWEE! Jojo runs her own Etsy store, so if you're looking for a wee illustrator for your bloggity bits, she's your girl!

Now, more about Jojo's productivity tips!

Tell me a bit about you! When & how did you come to start Miss Jojangles and what do you do aside from blogging?

Well, hello. I’m Jojo. I’m 19 and I live in a small sleepy town where not many people know about blogs. I started blogging almost two years ago as an online diary to document my crafts. At the time, I was experiencing a bit of a creative slump and it was a way to motivate myself to make things again. Aside from blogging, I work in a quaint English retail shop where I spend my days cutting fabric and dreaming of haberdashery.

What are the main themes of your blog?

Miss Jojangles started as a lifestyle blog, and I have to admit, I’ve deleted some of the original cringey posts where I was taking photos of my feet and cups of tea. I began to find my way in my blog world, only recently, focusing my content about craft and all things handmade.

How do you plan and create crafty goodness for your posts and keep everything so consistent? 

Oh, how I have tried to be organized and plan. I’ve done everything. But recently I have come to accept that it doesn’t work for me. My ideas come naturally and when they do, I run free with them. It’s hard to work to deadlines when you’re being creative. As for consistency, I just try to make what I want to make as apposed to what’s popular. The consistency is my own personality and quirks in the things I make.

 Do you ever feel writers/creators block, and if so what kinda stuff do you do to be more inspired?

I think everyone does at some point. Like I said before, my blog was my route out of a pretty bad creative rut. I think the best way to get out of a block is to work through it, try something a little bit different and give yourself a break. Stop comparing yourself to others and do what your own heart is telling you to do. Listen, and if your heart is telling you to knit a dinosaur, I think you should do it.

What kind of tools, apps or calendars do you use to help keep a good level of content?

I have a little Ladybird book, which says ‘things to make’ on the front. I carry it around with me and I write down ideas when they hit me. I list craft projects, blogs I like or things I’ve seen on Pinterest. Sometimes I see things in shops that I think to myself ‘I could totally make that’, make a note of it and then recreate it when I’m at home.

 What's your single piece of advice for balancing a blog, crafts, job and social/family life?

I restrict myself to certain days of the week for blogging and being online. Anymore than that and you start to lose grip on reality and plunge into the depths of Twitterland forever. Then you start seeing emojis when you shut your eyes to go to sleep and that’s never a good sign.

Do you have any tips for any bloggers to help promote their creations with time constraints?

I say social media is your friend. It wasn’t until I started using Twitter, engaging with readers and other blogger that my blog began to grow. Most of my followers found me through an Instagram photo I uploaded of me hugging my guinea pig in a jumper I’d knitted him.

Thanks for sharing your tips Jojo! Make sure you give Jojo's blog a follow, especially if you find yourself wanting to be a little more crafty, her posts will brighten up your newsfeed and give you lots of ideas!

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