Valentine's chocolate brownie fun (and a special package for you)

Fifi McGee / A cheaper way to spend Valentine's day in Brighton

Two things I love about Valentine's Day. Chocolate, and the excuse to wear the brightest red that's ever entered your wardrobe. Last year, Neil and I celebrated by ordering in a fat Chilli Pickle take away (only the most delicious and worth every penny restaurant in Brighton) Two king thali's and a bottle o' wine later and I was one smitten kitten. Neil surprised me with a dozen red roses to the office earlier in the day, and I spent the day as red as that dress. 

Fifi McGee / Primark red dress for Valentine's day

This year we're keeping costs to a minimum. We're saving for the big move, so we'll have plenty more Valentine's days together in the coming years - probably spent rowing about how one of us forgot, quick nip down the offie for a cheap bottle of prosecco and everything's peachy again. I can't wait. 

What better way to save cash this v-day than to bake some mini double chocolate brownie bites to tuck into ready for an evening of Boardwalk Empire (the less epic substitute for Breaking Bad) and copious amounts of rioja?

Easy chocolate brownie recipe for valentine's day

Lindt Lindor chocolates - Fifi McGee's favourites!

I usually do all my baking alone. Mainly because I can't talk and cook at the same time. Is any one else this dopey? Multi tasking gets me all in a flush. But tonight in the spirit of Valentine's day, I kept as cool as a cucumber while Neil and I teamed up to produce these delicious little slabs of joy to accompany my favourite chocolates in the world - the classic Lindt Lindor. Now that's love, right there in a tin.

God I'm still salivating writing this post and there's a whole pile of chocolate beside me. 

Fifi McGee - chocolate brownies for valentines day

I have a whole box of blogging props to use from Style My Party so I had so much fun dressing up my brownies ready for Neil to do his thing. I decided to make you guys a little bundle as a thanks for reading about my ramblings this long. If you've read this far down the post, you're crazy :)

Can you guess what's inside?

Fifi McGee's valentine's day DIY

Fifi McGee's valentine's day DIY

Hope you're all having a wonderful Valentine's day. I'm off to read what you've all been up to on my blog reader with a glass of red in hand.

Talk soon :)

Dress: £5, Primark sale 
Recipe: My easy-peasy double chocolate brownies 
Props: All from Style My Party

**I was super lucky to be gifted all these lovely props from Style My Party, and I think I have a secret admirer at Lindt because they posted me these chocolates. Yum. 

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