My trip down t'coronation street

Fifi McGee: Brighton blogger

Joke. It made you click to read more though, right? 

No, sadly this is not me posing against the walls of Rita's cabin, but rather a small wee alley way I found whilst exploring out in Hove that was just crying out for a selfie sesh. 

Hello everyone by the way! I'm still alive, woot woot ;) 

You might not have noticed please say you noticed but it's been over a month since I last posted on here. I'll save you the negative details why and focus solely on the positive. I can't wait to share lots of news. It's safe to say that your whole life can radically change in the space of 4 weeks. So make your days as good as ya can (wise ol' words of Fifi McGee)

Anyway, I guess this is one of those #lifelately posts, so strap yourself in for yet another one (does anyone else spend their evenings googling 'life lately' just to have a nose what people are up to? Nope? Just me.) 

Well here's what's gone on for me in the beautiful month of March:

  • I flew back to my homeland, the emerald isle, and consumed nowt else but Jameson and Tayto crisps
  • I turned the shiny age of 23 and celebrated at Sam's of Brighton with the juiciest steak I've ever got my chops around
  • I was treated to the most amazing evening at the Brighton Ballrooms and sipped 'Prohibition cocktails' from a tea pot and tea cups - more to come!
  • .....and finally, best of all, Neil and I got an offer accepted on the cutest place out in Hove. We're almost on the property ladder, and can't wait to get the keys in our hands to start decorating.

It's very very exciting times ahead. We've spent the last few weekends furniture shopping and picking up bargains from Brighton's famous antique shops. I can't wait to share interior ideas and what we've bought on here... I'm going to try and document room transformations like all those enviably amazing interior bloggers do. Wish me luck, I'm gunna need it!

Back soon xx