Crap at baking? Looking for some inspiration? Have no fear.

Crap at baking? Need some baking inspiration? Have no fear :)

I absolutely adore baking, I do. But lets not fool anyone here - I certainly ain't an expert. In fact, I've had more baking mishaps while creating recipe posts for this blog than those I've given the green light. Remember my first go at making a sandwich layer sponge? It's laughable.

Truth is you really don't have to be an expert to bash out some brownies and impress your pals at the next barbie. I've rounded up my 10 fail safe recipes that if I can do, SO CAN YOU.

Dust off your mixing bowls, roll up your sleeves and start crackin' some eggs. Here's Fifi's recipe round up:

1) Raspberry & double chocolate brownies

10 easy baking recipes ›› Raspberry & Double Chocolate brownies

The perfect balance of bitter and sweet, these brownies with a twist might look impressive but they're the easiest bites you'll ever bake. The perfect recipe all year round, and taste even better served with ice cream in the summer, or heated in the microwave for winter.

2) Golden syrup & honey flapjacks (in a blender!)

10 simple baking recipes ›› Golden syrup & honey flapjacks (in a blender!)

Don't let that processor sit collecting dust in the back of the cupboard, it's a lazy bakers dream for mixing coarse ingredients - no elbow grease necessary. These flapjacks are easily my favourite recipe. And guess what? It's only 6 ingredients you need to make 'em.

10 simple baking recipes ›› All butter shortbread biscuits

Best thing about this recipe is that the crunchy shortbread biscuits last up to a week in the biscuit tin (provide you don't have biscuit thieves like me living in your house!) They provide the perfect accompaniment to whip out with a cuppa tea and Stylist magazine :)

4) Apple & blackberry pie (fresh from the apple tree!)

10 simple baking recipes ›› Apple & Blackberry pie

Before I tried this I thought it was going to be really challenging baking an apple & blackberry pie from scratch but on reflection, it was the simplest and probably the most satisfying recipe I've ever baked. If you're looking for something a tiny bit more challenging than your regular cupcake. Try baking a pie. You'll love it.

10 simple baking recipes ›› Chocolate dipped bananas

Ok so this is more of a 'no bake' recipe. It's an ideal challenge to do with kiddies and ain't so calorific either :)

6) Fresh wholemeal loaves

10 simple baking recipes ›› Fresh wholemeal loaves

Another recipe that surprisingly turned out looking like something artisan, but in reality it took me about 20 mins to whip together and I had enough bread to last me 4 soup lunches. Love anything that's 1) easy and 2) cost efficient!

10 simple baking recipes ›› Delicious vanilla cupcakes

This was one of the first recipes I learned. I baked these just before starting this blog and the batch turned out so delish I had to bake them again to photograph them and tell the world how easy they are to rustle up. They'd look even yummier with sprinkles. Must do another batch!

10 simple baking recipes ›› Easy peasy double chocolate brownies

 If raspberries aren't really your bag a la the option above, replace with white chocolate chunks for an even chocolatier slice of heaven. YUM.

10 simple baking recipes ›› Delicious Ginger Cake

You'll never buy another Jamaica Ginger cake again once you see how simple and cheap it is to make your own. Served with custard, this might possibly be one of my favourite puddings ever.

10) Yorkshire parkin bites

10 simple recipes ›› Yummy Yorkshire Parkin

Last but not least, Yorkshire Parkin. A subtly crunchy, packed with flavour slab of goodness that will remind you of Christmas :). Anything ginger & nutmeg related wins points from me, and this is such a perfect recipe for those chilly nights we seem to get more and more of in the UK.

Well I hope this gave you some inspiration to over come your kitchen fears, bite the bullet and start baking one simple recipe at a time. You know what they say, practice makes perfect :)