Insanely good news! (one of those life lately posts)

Insanely good news! Finally bought a home! Read more:

It hasn't quite sunk in yet, that yesterday we finally exchanged contracts and purchased a home. We actually bought a property. How crazy is that. Something I thought would be at least another 5 or 6 years away, happened yesterday.

I'm officially about to become one of those 'umm, Hove, actually' ladies, and aside from having my own blank canvas to decorate, I think I'm most excited about trying a whole new array of takeaways. Life. Is. Good. Yippeeee!

I've set a few new-home resolutions I wanna share, in the hope that if I write them down here, I'll have to commit. 

Here's a few things I wanna do more of once we move in on Thursday:

  • Check out all Hove's tea & cake offerings and share more on this blog. Small batch, Ethels Kitchen, Maroccos, I gigi, V & H Café, the list goes on... I'm comin' your way.
  • Runs along la promenade. Let's be realistic, will probs turn into strolls with a stop off for ice cream, but still, spending more time at the beach is a must :)
  • Trial some home DIYs. I've bought my first can of spray paint for my first project - blates inspired by A Fab Life.
  • Learn some tips and tricks in photography. Now that Neil & I are living together, what's his is mine (lols) and therefore all his camera gear is mine for playing around with (he'll be shaking his head if he reads this). Early June, me and a few Brighton bloggers are heading to a photography masterclass to experiment more with our DSLRs and interior photography is on my radar. Can't wait to learn more.
  • Begin the Blog Life e-course by Elsie & Emma of A Beautiful Mess. It sounds like the perfect opportunity to learn more about brand identity, optimising traffic and building readership. Not just for this blog, but my marketing career too.

Wish me luck! 

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