Ok pretend the title hadn't given it away. Sit down, just check out that backdrop and hazard a guess where I am in that photo.

Looks more like the Amalfi coast than t'west countr'ee, eh?

Neil & I recently returned from our voyages and I thought I'd share some photos on here. It's holiday season and if you're as nosey as me, you love looking at other folk's snaps. It gets me excited deciding where to head next.

We were absolutely BLESSED with some of the most beautiful sunshine my pale little legs have ever withstood. It felt every bit as hot as when I visited the concrete jungle that is Madrid all those many years ago.

Nope. I'll never learn to put suncream on my toots either. Irish skin is such an embarrassment. Check out my rookie tan lines.

The absolute legendary Shaw family invited me to gate crash their getaway, and I don't think I've ever laughed so much in one week. Neil's ma and pa used to take them all around Cornwall when they were knee high to grasshoppers, so having never visited Cornwall before I got to see all the special places they grew up with, hearing all their fond memories.

We went crabbing in the scorching hot sun along Fowey quayside (where we stayed) and I was a total PRO. We built epic sand statues on a completely hidden deserted beach. Drank our weight in bombay sapphire & wine. I tried my first crab burger and hadn't quite expected it to come out looking the image of the crab I caught the night before (oh there were some squeals when it was served to me!). We travelled all around some beautiful sites, taking regular pit stops in quaint wee shops for cream tea and one of my favourite places we visited was a tiny smugglers/fishing village called Polperro. I felt like Johnny Depp on the set of Pirates of the Carribean as I was waltzing between the tight streets.

It was honestly one of the most memorable holidays I've ever been on. I still can't quite believe there's so much beauty on English coastlines.

Can't thank the Shaw family enough for whisking me away (and catching me every time I fell over in my 6 inch wedges!). Wonderful place with wonderful people :) I can't wait for our next excursion together!