Cocktail makin' home-warmin'

It's a little bit crazy that Neil & I have been all moved in to our humble abode for almost 3 months now. The place is slowly but surely feeling more like a home and as comes with every house purchase, we finally started work on some parts of the house in need of TLC.

Before the whole place got a thick coating of dust from plaster works, we decided to throw a casual house warming bash and welcomed a few of my nearest and dearest for a night of cocktails, drinking games and serious levels of 90s tunes.

Not one for throwing 'themed' nights, I decided to make this one a bring-a-bottle soiree where we all lined the living room table with our favourite mixers, spirits, fruits and cocktail paraphernalia galore to cocktail freestyle it. 

My cocktail of choice obviously HAD to involve copious amounts of gin and lime. I'm a sucker for G&T's, they let me have twice the fun with a fraction of the hangover.

World Duty Free & leading mixologist Charlie McCarthy recently collaborated to bring together some exclusive cocktail recipes to do a summer drinks festival in style, and in light of this I was stocked up with  Hendricks Gin - exclusive to world duty free and me, hell yeah. So if you're heading on holiday this year, don't forget to splash out on booze in the duty free on your return journey to party away the holiday blues. 

In a bid to switch up my usual G&T favourite I went for my own take on the Hendrick's Floradora, using double the measure and less of the raspberry syrup.

It went down an absolute treat that's all I remember! Can't wait for round 2 once the plaster's dry and the place is looking less like a building site!