How to spruce up your student home with just £20 | Back to Campus

As jealous as I am that all you student folks are on your long summer holidays at the mo, I'm not so jealous about you having to up sticks from your cushy, the-fridge-is-always-full-of-nice-food, family home to student accommodation at the start of the academic year.

I suppose student homes don't have to be bare walls and mouldy curtains, though. With the right high street finds, it's really easy to pimp out your shared space or halls on a budget. HomeSense (possibly my favourite home store on the high street) challenged me to put together ideas for sprucing up a student house with just £20 to spend and here's how I got on.

Jesus, there was a heap load of nice stuff to buy at cheap prices. I thought this was going to be difficult but I ended up having to leave loads of stuff I wanted behind!

Make it cosy with cushions

Cable knit duck feather cushion, £11.00, HomeSense

What do all the enviable bedrooms you see on Pinterest have in common? Yep, they have a stack load of gorgeous mis-matched cushions dotted as far as the eye can see. The single best way to make a room look more homely when you're far from family in your uni days is to stock up on soft cushions. Don't be afraid to layer up pattern and different textures, and go overboard! This one I picked up in HomeSense is packed full of duck feathers and makes a lovely addition to my ever expanding cushion collection. Dunno where I'm gunna find place for them all...

Get sophisticated with candle stick holders

Silver plated candle stick holder, £5, HomeSense Sale

If you're doing an evening soirée and would rather avoid strongbow-fuelled house parties, opt for more sophisticated homely look with cheap candle stick holders. They look great as a centrepiece at dinner or for jazzing up console/bedside tables. This one was just £5 in the HomeSense sale... one of those purchases where you palpitate with joy when you see the price, and dart to the till point.

Be creative with storage

Pastel orange bowl, £3.99, HomeSense

You've probably seen the beautiful Moroccan-inspired pattern bowls trending in interior land at the mo. They're a great addition to your bedside table.  For me, my pet HATE is seeing random bits and pieces all over window sills, shelves or desks. Y'know those things that you obviously don't wanna throw out but they just don't have a home anywhere? Like jewellery, plectrums, coins, matches, lighters... the list is endless. Well fear not OCD friends. Pick up some patterned bowls and cram the lot inside to make a house look spick & span in seconds.

Reckon I did well? Quite a lot of stuff for £20 I think. And if you have a whole house to fill, you could always keep £20 aside every month to go wild and add to your interior collections. It's always a slow process making a house look like a home, especially if you're on a tight budget, but I definitely recommend starting at HomeSense when you're on the market for unique finds.

Disclaimer: HomeSense gave me a gift voucher for this post but I wasn't obliged to write about them nor the topic. All my own creations :)