Does your personality coincide with your star sign?

Bet you didn't know that Fifi McGee has a twin bro, eh? You learn something new. I've been persuading him to do a duo blog with me... "Twin style with Shamie McGee", but he's having none of it ;) he's got better things to do than prance around taking photos and writing about himself online. Who would do such a thing?! ;)

Him and I were born March 14th a minute between each other, making us Pisces. Pisces are known to be the most spiritual star sign, and that I back. My intuition is razor sharp and the level of spiritual activity I've played witness to in my life would make even the strongest sceptic believe. I'll save the haunted house stories for another time ;)

There we are as wee kiddies with Dad's old Ford Cortina in Ireland. Classic family shot!

We've always been a pretty compassionate duo, very empathetic and understanding of other people's sensitivity. Another typical Pisces trait. But as a water sign, with a supposed natural love and "at-one-ness" with water, we couldn't be far from Pisces if we tried. The two of us have no idea how to swim, never have, never learned, and whilst snorkling in the Great Barrier Reef sounds like great thing to do, that's definitely the last thing you'll ever see us tick off the list! Our Irish roots, love for hills and fields makes us show more Cancer traits, but nonetheless to some extent the stars alignment when we were born had an impact on our personalities. If it didn't, we wouldn't be so similar, showing the same traits right?

What do you think? Do you show traits of your star sign?

Pandora have a cool Zodiac Wheel that outlines different personality traits for each star sign. Have a read through the app and see whether you're anything like what it outlines. It's spooky how accurate it can be. Take my beautiful sister for example. She's a Virgo through-and-through. Sensible, classic clothes, light fragrances and understated jewellery. 

She also LOVES Pandora (Caroline, look away now if you're reading this!). As her birthday is around the corner, and with her heavy Pandora bracelet jam-packed with charms and memories, she's always been easy to buy for, more so now that Pandora have launched a competition to win one of 5 charms from their new Essence range every month. Now, there's a perfect opportunity to enter for yourself or for a Virgo/Libra loved one.

I'll definitely be entering for my sister, will you?

This post was in collaboration with Pandora. I was under no obligation to write this post, all words my own. As someone who loves the brand, I wanted to share this brilliant opportunity to win some beautiful charms! Good luck everyone!