7 ways I've made my life better this month

1. Set up a pension

Okay so it hasn't officially been set up yet, but all the necessary steps have been made to start putting aside a chunk of cash so I live more comfortably once I come of age. I read an article about a year ago in the Guardian saying people in their early 20s (or younger) must start putting aside at least £30 a month for their retirement, or risk financially struggling.

It stayed with me ever since, and now that I've been lucky enough to have a salary rise, I've decided to invest that little bit extra into the future.

2. Planned my finances for the next 3 months down to the button

New boots, new converse, mortgage payments, replacing the guttering costs, (not in priority order, ha) there's an endless mental list I've had of things that need paying out which left me constantly worried about where the money will come from and when will I start digging into my overdraft.

Last week I sat down, created a Trello board of my earnings, mapped out exactly what I need to pay for and set budgets for the week. I can now rest easy and forget about money, knowing how much I have and how much I'm allowed to spend on what.

3. Arranged a damp survey... FINALLY

Not sure I've mentioned this previously, if you follow me on twitter you might have heard me ranting about it. As with a LOT of older properties in Brighton & Hove, we have had our fair share of damp issues, that sadly we have to fix and foot the bill for (the only moments where I wish I was renting!)

The problem has gone round in circles a bit. If you've ever suffered with condensation & damp problems in your homes, you'll understand how frustrating the 'trial and error' approach is. It constantly feels like there's no solution. So Neil & I have taken the plunge and booked in a damp survey to start fixing the problems.

Fingers crossed it'll be money well spent!

4. Mapped out blog events, posts and ideas with Trello

Hey look, it's behind the scenes of Fifi McGee. I know it doesn't appear like I'm this organised when you visit this page, but if you're a blogger too you'll know how much effort goes into every post. In a bid to keep track of campaigns I've been asked to work on, events that are upcoming and the constant stream of ideas (and no time to execute them!) I have, I've created a trello board to have everything in one place.

If you don't know what Trello is, you haven't lived.

5. Changed my shower head

You'll perhaps see more of this when I do a house tour (won't be for a while yet, but it will happen). 

Every morning I have a shower I begin my day miserable. Our old shower head had no force to it, the water felt more like it was being deployed from a faulty watering can from pound stretcher. Not the most optimistic start to every day.

Thank GOD for Methven. After researching their ranges, I found that if I changed my shower head to involve a more immersive 'spray' as long as the pressure of our water was fine, it should improve the shower experience to dodge the watering can feel.

I've currently got the Kaha Satinjet shower head and my life (and mornings!) have been revolutionised.

6. I've come up with a savings plan

There's 3 holidays coming up this year. A girls holiday. Where my tight-knit group of girls picked a name out of a hat to plan a surprise getaway with a budget. None of us are allowed to know where we're going until we get to the airport, woop woop. A family holiday. That'll give us the opportunity to 'tour' Germany (something I've wanted to do since I studied German in A-level). And a couples holiday. We're thinking Santorini or somewhere similar to lap up sun and eat damn good food.

Again, cue the trello board. I've worked out a budget for each, how long I've got until we have to book and divided the two to equal a monthly saving for each. Adulthood is fun.

7. Gave up milk & sugar in my tea

Black tea is so much fresher (and healthier). Try it.

What goals have you reached this last month?